Own Paper

Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: November 14th 1959 – 13 October 1962
Number of Issues Published: 21 (#14 November 1959 – #13 October 1962)

Incorporates Walt Disney’s Weekly starting with the 29 April 1961 issue.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

When a hare has his birthday on March 1st you would expect him to be a little mad. Most of the inhabitants of Leafy Wood would probably agree that Harold lives up to the ‘mad March hare’ stereotype as he scampers from one topsy-turvy situation to another. Harold, on the other hand, would disagree. Is it that mad to have a house where all the furniture is upside down and the cupboards stocked with jam? Not to Harold. He simply wants to enjoy life and sometimes his over-enthusiasm leads to trouble. A little ingenuity and a little help from his friends – Happy Hedgehog and Dicky Dormouse – usually sees everything put to right before long.


UPDATE 19-02-2018

Own Paper 15



207, Own Paper 22


Own Paper 23,54


Own Paper 68,69



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