Welcome on this blog full of information about British comics and offcourse the comics.

A British comic is a periodical published in the United Kingdom that contains comic strips. It is generally referred to as a comic or a comic magazine, and historically as a comic paper.

British comics are usually comics anthologies which are typically aimed at children, and are published weekly, although some are also published on a fortnightly or monthly schedule. The top three longest-running comics in the world, The Dandy, The Beano, and Comic Cuts, are all British, although in modern times British comics have been largely superseded by American comic books and Japanese manga.

You can access the information and comics through the sidebar.
The comics are mostly in packages from around 100mb, inside these rar-packages you will find the comics in cbr format.dandare

You can view the comics with any cbr-reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.

Most comics are from the 50’s-80’s with some 90’s.

I only place issues from last century,
so no issues newer than the year 1999.

I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

UK Comics Wiki

Grand Comics Database




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  1. boutje777 says:

    List of incomplete Valiants, thanks to Jacko.

    I had previously reported a few issues of Valiant that were either incomplete or damaged in some way. I have finally managed to check all 712 issues of Valiant and I have found further issues which are either incomplete or damaged, however, I have not been able to find any complete/alternate scans to replace them with.

    Issues with missing pages:

    Valiant #012 (1962-12-22) – 2 missing pages – ‘Jack O’Justice'(page 31) + back page (page 32) are missing. This issue also has some damage on page 13 (‘Steel Claw’) and page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)

    Valiant #021 (1963-02-23) – 2 missing pages – ‘Percy the Problem Child'(page 15) + the letters page (page 18) are missing. This issue also has some minor damage on page 5 (‘Captain Hurricane’)

    Valiant #173 (1966-01-22) – 1 missing page – probably the back page humour strip ‘It’s a Dog’s Life’)

    Valiant #332 (1969-02-08) – 2 missing pages – ‘Raven on the Wing’ (3rd page of a 3-page story) and probaby an ads/columns page are missing

    Valiant #367 (1969-10-11) – 2 missing pages – 2nd (middle) page of ‘House of Dolmann’ (usually a 3-page story) and probaby an ads/columns page are missing

    Valiant #590 (1974-05-04) – 2 missing pages – both pages of ‘Yellowknife of the Yard’ are missing

    Valiant #610 (1974-10-19) – 8-page pull-out booklet featuring Mytek the Mighty is missing

    Valiant #669 (1975-12-20) – 4 pages of ads/columns/one-page humour strips are missing.

    The following issues are just damaged in some way (i.e. torn edges, cut-outs etc)

    Valiant #011 (1962-12-15) – page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)
    Valiant #013 (1962-12-29) – page 16 (‘To Glory We Steer’)
    Valiant #015 (1963-01-12) – page 20 (Shorty the Sheriff)
    Valiant #071 (1964-02-08) – page 27 (‘Jack O’Justice’)
    Valiant #162 (1965-11-06) – page 14 (‘The Nutts’)
    Valiant #181 (1966-03-19) – page 21 (‘Steel Claw’)
    Valiant #229 (1967-02-18) – page 39 (‘The Crows’)
    Valiant #488 (1972-04-29) – page 39 (‘Billy Bunter’)

    I hope that complete/undamaged scans of the above will all be tracked down one day. Thanks in advance if anyone is able to assist with replacing any of the above.

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  2. boutje777 says:

    I just got a complete copy Valiant 1963-02-23 (thanks to Leegt).
    I replaced the incomplete one at the page but here is the link for the individual issue so you don’t have to download the pack.

    Download 1963-02-23

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  3. boutje777 says:

    This friday i am going to move to my new home. So don’t worry if you don’t see me around the next days, because i will be busy offcourse, and it’s always in doubt if my internetprovider changed all connections properly onto my knew address.

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  4. Davyd Ramsden says:

    Merry Christmas Boutje and a big thank-you from Brisbane, Australia for your incredible site


  5. John Archbold says:

    Where is Dad’s Army Annual book?


  6. Jacko says:

    Lion 0914 [1969-10-11] is incomplete. It is missing one page (i.e. the 3rd page) from the Carson’s Cubs strip. Can anyone add the missing page or provide a complete issue which should have 44 pages.

    Lion 1023 [1972-02-12] is damaged. Something has been cut out from this issue leaving a big hole on Page 22 (Steel Commando). Can anyone replace the damaged page or provide an alternate scan.



  7. Anonymous says:

    i have to say, its one of the best blogs i have ever seen, todays kids will never understand the joy we got from our comics every week, its nice to see the comics i read as a young lad in the 70′ and 80’s brought back to life here, many thanks to you and your mates for taking the time to do all this,


  8. boutje777 says:

    I am in my new house, everything went smooth with the move and all connections are working like they should do, so i am back in business.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Great Boutje ! Happy Christmas and go well in the new house!!


  10. Dan says:

    Merry Christmas to one and all!
    There are no Valiant issues covering 31/5/75 and 7/6/75.
    I recently purchased the full year from eBay and it was also missing those dates. Also comicvine does not have them. I’ve compared the stories between the connecting issues and they seem to match up. Can anyone confirm that there were no issues for those dates? Thanks


  11. Stan Beben says:

    A Merry Christmas to all! This is a gem of a site and long may it continue – cheers Stan


  12. Anonymous says:

    Boutje – A GEM of a person.May you have a lovely sojourn in your new residence.May you enjoy health ,prosperity,and harmony. A Merry Christmas to you. Warm Regards – Raghu


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