Welcome on this blog full of information about British comics and offcourse the comics.

A British comic is a periodical published in the United Kingdom that contains comic strips. It is generally referred to as a comic or a comic magazine, and historically as a comic paper.

British comics are usually comics anthologies which are typically aimed at children, and are published weekly, although some are also published on a fortnightly or monthly schedule. The top three longest-running comics in the world, The Dandy, The Beano, and Comic Cuts, are all British, although in modern times British comics have been largely superseded by American comic books and Japanese manga.

You can access the information and comics through the sidebar.
The comics are mostly in packages from around 100mb, inside these rar-packages you will find the comics in cbr format.dandare

You can view the comics with any cbr-reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.

Most comics are from the 50’s-80’s with some 90’s.

I only place issues from last century,
so no issues newer than the year 1999.

I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for the information :

UK Comics Wiki

Grand Comics Database






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  1. Andy says:

    The following to be uploaded :

    Giles 006 [1952] [130 Pages] [Daily Express] [UK]

    Giles 016 [1962] [130 Pages]

    Giles 029 [1975] [130 Pages]

    Giles 030 [1976] [129 Pages]

    Giles 033 [1979] [130 Pages]

    Giles 036 [1982] [129 Pages]

    Giles 041 [1987] [132 Pages]

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    • Paul Kempster says:

      Are you still planning on uploading the Giles Annuals or can you point me in the right direction as to where I can download them? I had a big collection of them many years ago but have no idea where they are now and would love to read through some of them again.


  2. Andy says:

    The following to be uploaded :

    Giles 025 [1970] [130 Pages]

    Giles 034 [1980] [128 Pages]

    Giles 045 [1991] [129 Pages]

    Giles 047 [1993] [113 Pages]

    Giles 048 [1994] [114 Pages]

    Giles 049 [1995] [114 Pages]

    Giles 053 [1999] [162 Pages]


  3. Andy says:

    The following to be uploaded :

    Adam@Home [1996]

    Adam@Home [1997]

    Adam@Home [1998]

    Adam@Home [1999]

    Adam@Home [2000] [updated – Complete strips]


  4. Andy says:

    The following to be uploaded :

    Foxtrot (1996)

    Foxtrot (1997)

    Foxtrot (1998)

    Foxtrot (1999)

    Foxtrot (2000)

    Out Our Way [1922]

    Peanuts (2000)

    Wizard of Id [1964]

    Also Books :

    [1969] Wizard of Id-The King Is A Fink [130 Pages]

    [1973] Wizard of Id-The Wizard’s Back [128 Pages]

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  5. Andy says:

    So far you have uploaded 79 Artists to your blog.

    Still counting


  6. Andy says:

    The following to be uploaded :

    Crock (1996)

    Crock 1997)

    Crock (1998)

    Crock (1999)

    Crock (2000)

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  7. Andy says:

    Blondie [1945]

    to be uploaded


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for all the newspaperstrips you uploaded the last days.


      • Andy says:

        your welcome!

        there is still plenty more yet to come.

        The following are to be uploaded too :

        The Duplex (1996)

        The Duplex (1997)

        The Duplex (1998)

        The Duplex (2000)


        • Douglas Laird says:

          ANDY – Leopard from Lime Street cover mentions a text document and date numbering guide

          – can i have a link to these please if you have them –

          thank you for your contribution to preserving history of British Comics


          • Andy says:

            It is inside the download file. Check again. One is a text document expolaining about the leopard from lime street. Another is a date and numbering guide which can be read as Office calc. I am having problems at moment with my pc and cannot upload anything at moment.


            • boutje777 says:

              I am afraid i took it out because you can’t view textfiles with comicreaders, at least that’s what i think.

              Here is the guide.

              Download Leopard


              • Douglas Laird says:

                Thanks so much for your time and trouble got the numbering guide – hopefully Andy can cut and paste word doc element – This compilation is an absolute masterclass and stands up well against the 2000AD publication


  8. Frank says:

    Here are some ET Jokes :

    [1] What do you call a fat ET?

    An extra-cholesterol!

    [2] What does ET stand for?

    Because he can’t sit!

    [3] Why did ET get a shock?

    He received the phone bill!

    [4] What did ET’s mother say when he got home?

    Where on Earth have you been?


  9. Frank says:

    Here are some Martian and Alien Jokes :

    [1] What happens when MARTIANS hold a Beauty Contest?

    Nobody Wins!

    [2] ‘Doctor, doctor, I keep seeing green MARTIANS in front of my eyes!’

    ‘Have you seen a Psychiatrist?’

    ‘No, just green MARTIANS!’


  10. frank says:

    Here are some Star Wars type Jokes:

    [1] What do you get if you cross R2-D2 with C3PO?

    Androidful Mess!
    (A dreadful)

    [2] Who was R2-D2’s Father?


    [3] Who cleans Hans Solo’s boots?


    [4] What Space film was Dracula in?

    The Vampire Strikes Back!

    [5] Why did Darth Vader turn down Streaky Bacon at the butchers?

    Because the Empire likes Back!

    [6] DARTH VADER: ‘Someone recently gave you a gift Luke Skywalker, and I know what it is!’

    LUKE SKYWALKER: ‘How is that possible? I have not even open the wrapper yet!’

    DARTH VADER: ‘I feel your PRESENCE (presents)!’


  11. Jeff Lehmann says:

    Could anybody please upload the full Street Hawk comic strip run from Look-in magazines (March 1985 to October ’85?)


  12. Stewart says:


    Here’s the final Billy the Cat compilation I’ve done to add to the wonderful page you set up at

    Billy the Cat Archives Vol 9





  13. Termineur says:

    Fabulous site… wonderful work, and so useful because
    ► the life of a mag is way too short
    ► brit mags are overwhelmed by US ones.

    Just a rem : the century ended at 12pm, Dec 31, 2000 !
    (not 1999, since a century is 100 yrs, not 99 ☺☺☺)
    So there are some more missing issues !!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺


  14. gokseledu says:

    Hello, I am looking for a series of comics published in 1937-1938. The series is a translated one, yet the name of the original one was not given. Despite my efforts, I could not find the series. Could you help me find the original one?
    Here is the link for the translated version:


  15. Rob says:

    What an excellent site. Powered no doubt by true comic collectors.

    I was interested in a scan of issue 539 if anyone out there has it plus any other the early sixties Holiday specials. I will look to put some of my scans up in return.


  16. leegs says:

    Hello Rob,

    For which title do you need the issue for?


    • Rob Nicholls says:

      TV comic is the comic book in question. Apooogies as i had originally posted it on thecTVComic page but was advised to post it here. My apologies!


  17. leegs says:

    Just the 2 page Supercar from that issue has been scanned.

    The Holiday Specials for 1964,1966 and 1969 are already been posted here.

    Here is the Holiday Special for 1963


  18. Rob Nicholls says:

    Hi Phil i have that issue so can put it on the site once i know how to do it. It was also reprinted in Dr Who Classics -in fact all the first Dr Who stories drawn by Neville Main but they have bren coloured


  19. Moreau says:

    Following the suggestion to post this to the main page (originally posted on the comics listing page):

    Another for the list: The Bog Paper (Marvel UK, 1989)

    With the standard UK comics market faltering in the late 1980s, seeing many long running titles coming to an end, various UK publishers began looking for an alternative audience. The success of Viz, a humour magazine aimed at older teens / young adults, with anarchic and much ruder (or, some would say, cruder) strips and characters, prompted a slew of imitators trying to capture the same zeitgeist. Fleetway experimented with the likes of Oink, and a few years later Marvel UK made a similar attempt with Bog Paper. As the name suggests, all the strips literally involved a level of toilet humour, with parody characters such as Flush Gordon (a superhero who emerges from a lavatory) and Doctor Phoo (a Doctor Who-like character who travels through time in his TURDIS, a time-space craft disguised as a back garden toilet, accompanied by his pet robot, WC1, a toilet-based riff on K-9). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it only lasted eleven issues before being cancelled.


  20. Moreau says:

    A couple more unusual requests to put out there, in the hope that someone can provide scans.

    Sufferin’ Satellites, published 1996-1998. I’m most especially interested in the story Broken Mirror, which featured Dan Dare in the world of Judge Dredd. Not sure which issue(s) that might have been in – or, indeed, how many issues Sufferin’ Satellites had.

    Paper Empire #2, a small press title notable for the appearance of Alan Moore creation Captain Empire. The other three installments of that strip are up on Comic Book Plus, but not that one.


    • paw broon says:

      Re. Paper Empire/Captain Empire, Dom Regan didn’t have #2 – I asked him about it at a recent con. I’m pretty sure that Captain Empire is Dom’s creation, unless young master Coyle had a hand in it. Doubt it though.
      I scanned the issues from my own copies for CB+, with Dom’s permission.


      • Moreau says:

        Hi Steve. I thought that since Captain Empire first appeared in Captain Britain’s strip, that he was a creation of Alan Moore and Alan Davis, which isn’t to take anything away from Dom Regan’s developing the character into more than a mere throwaway cameo character. I actually knew you’d scanned them for CB+, because you originally scanned them for me first. I was / am hoping that by putting out a request, it might result in someone surfacing with a copy of the elusive #2.


        • paw broon says:

          Moreau, of course, you’re right. Obvious, isn’t it, and that’s apart from the acknowledgement in #3. I may have mentioned my failing memory and the fact that I can’t seem to stop aging. Dom must have been on top of the character sharpish as the illo. in back of P.E. #1 is dated Sept. ’84.
          A tiny wee hint here, eh? My memory is letting me down again. And I did scan them for a couple of folk. I know I’m going to kick myself.
          It would be excellent if someone could come up with a copy. Fingers, toes etc. crossed.
          Not a clue about Sufferin’ Satellites. Sorry.


  21. shinji_eas says:

    Hellos, I searching for a link to The Vigilant, recently published by 2000 AD, with a revival of the old Fleetway characters. Thx U.


  22. Headgerow Treasure says:

    Not quite sure what’s happening. None of my messages are appearing.


  23. Headgerow Treasure says:

    Ah! something seems to be working now!
    So, I’ll try again. 3rd time lucky maybe!

    1. I love all the work you’re all doing. Amazing stuff. So many memories. Thank you.
    2. Does anybody have a complete scan of Ghost Special No. 2 from the mid-70s featuring IPC-style cartoon strips Sammy The Spook, Ghostly Guardians as well as stuff about Borley Rectory and The Amazing Mr.Blunden? I’ve been hunting it for years!


  24. boutje777 says:

    My summerbreak is over and i continue doing the usual things for the blogs.
    First thing to do is updating this blog. It will be a large update, i did some work in advance but still alot to do, so i am hoping to have it ready halfway next month.
    Everyone can share what they want again if they like, i will collect all but will keep them for the update after the next update to prevend mixups with the planned update.

    After that i begin with the updates for the other blogs.

    Also the new pulp and old magazinesblog i hope to have ready for the opening somewhere next month.

    I have a todolist which will keep me busy for at least the rest of the year.
    Priorities are :
    Reorganizing some pages like Beano, Dandy, Smash just like i did with Tiger and some others, and rename them with only the dates.
    Updating the Compilationsblog with new compilations that i allready had finished.
    Making compilations with Christmasthemes, like Christmas with the Dandy, Christmas with the Beano and other titles, perhaps make some for characters if there are enough related stories, like Christmas with the Bash Street Kids.

    Well, that’s all for now folks.

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  25. Jacko says:

    Although Score n Roar is listed as complete, I have a query about Score n Roar issue #11 (1970-11-28).

    Up until Score n Roar issue #19 ‘Nipper’ was a 3-page story.
    However in issue #11 ‘Nipper’ only has 2 pages and the first page of the ‘Lord Rumsey’s Rovers story has been scanned twice.

    I am wondering whether there is a missing page from the ‘Nipper’ story in issue #11.
    Is anyone able to confirm this and, if I am right, is anyone able to help with a correctly scanned issue #11. Thanks in advance.


  26. Jacko says:

    I have managed to find the following issues of Scorcher which still appear to be missing. These are:

    137, 138, 139, 140, 141, 144, 147, 148, 150, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 177, 178, 194

    Could you tell me whether you already have these for your next update or are they still needed. If needed shall I place them on the main frontpage or the Scorcher page.


  27. Jacko says:

    An update on the issues of Scorcher I believe are still missing. These are:

    153, 154, 157, 158, 159, 165, 167,
    209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215, 216, 217, 219, 220, 223, 224, 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 239, 241, 242, 245.

    [30 Issues]


  28. Jacko says:

    Scorcher plea.

    For the completists out there (I’m one of them), I am still trying to track down a complete 32 page issue of Scorcher 064 [1971-03-27]. The current issue on the Scorcher page is incomplete – 2nd page (p15) of ‘The Amazing Strollers’ story is missing.

    Also, Scorcher 151 [1972-11-25] and Scorcher 246 [1974-09-21] are slightly damaged – both have a torn edge on p31.

    I would like to replace these incomplete/damaged issues of Scorcher if possible. Can anybody help.


  29. boutje777 says:

    I think i will make a new entry on my todo list.
    Place all Picture Library titles in a separate spot right below More Comics.
    That should be not to timeconsuming, just copy and paste the links for these titles into the new widget, i came to that idea because in the new update will be quite a few new library’s.

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  30. RH says:

    Would it be possible to put the pages of Scorcher in the correct order?


  31. Tom says:

    Like the Picture Libraries section. Good work


  32. I have begun scanning the missing issues of Whoopee from 1977. Here are the first six:!mbhGFaKa!aIYznMSTOlTN2HVB-yAIUQ


  33. boutje777 says:

    Anyone with interest can take a look at my new Pulp blog, it’s so far ready with uploading covers, layout, title widgets and other things. But i am working on the actual downloads, so many links for the magazines are not working right now except for the Army and War section. I will upload every day as much as i can and hoping to have everything in order at the end of the month.


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  34. Simon says:

    Hi there. I have your missing three issues of the BEEB junior magazine (2, 5 & 14) scanned into PDF. Would you like these? I assume so! Let me know where to send them.


  35. boutje777 says:

    UPDATE 11-09-2018

    Thanks to the following contibutors:

    Mr. Tweedy
    Prasanna MR

    When i forgot someone, please let me know.

    Acne (31) – New Title
    Action 21 (10) – New Title
    Action Picture Library 16
    Air Ace Picture Library (3)
    All Fun (11) – New Title
    Apocalypse Presents (4) – New Title
    Astounding Stories (22)
    Bananaman (3)
    Beano (254)
    Beezer (17)
    Big One (5) – New Title
    Bimbo (10)
    Blakes 7 (4)
    Bobo Bunny (4) – New Title
    Buster (2)
    Buster Adventure Library (17) – New Title
    BVC (5) – New Title
    Captain America (2)
    Century 21 (5) – New Title
    Cheekly Weekly (1)
    Chiller Pocket Book (17) – New Title
    Classics from the comics (41)
    Combat Picture Library (27) – New Title
    Comet (1)
    Commando (5)
    Cor! (1)
    Cowboy Picture Library (3) – New Title
    Creepy Worlds (1)
    Dandy (751)
    Debbie (2)
    Dennis the menace (2)
    Disney Mirror (26)
    Disneyland (1)
    Eagle 1st and 2nd serie (25)
    Express Weekly (6)
    Film Fun (32)
    Finding Out (9) – New Title
    Fleetway Super Library (5)
    Frogman Comics (1)
    Funny Fortnightly (12) – New Title
    Garfield (1)
    Gemini 2000 Picture Library (2)
    Gulf Funny Weekly (4)
    Hanna Barberas Funtime (5) – New Title
    He-Man Adventure (3) – New Title
    Hotspur (1) in 1-348
    Huckleberry Hound (2)
    Hulk (19)
    Jack and Jill (27)
    Jackpot (2)
    Journey Into Nightmare (3) – New Title
    Judge Dredd (21)
    Jungle Comics (5) – New Title
    Just Dennis (5) – New Title
    Kaanga Comics (3) – New Title
    Knockout Amalgamated Press (2)
    Knockout IPC (1)
    Legend Horror Classics (5) – New Title
    Load Runner (4) – New Title
    Look Alive (5) – New Title
    Look and Learn (22)
    Mad (10) – New Title
    Marvel Comic (1)
    Marvel Family (1)
    Marvelman (6)
    Mask (1)
    Mickey Mouse (3)
    Nightmare Suspense Picture Library (3) – New Title
    Pancho Villa (1)
    Playhour (1)
    Playland (8) – New Title
    Pocket Chiller Library (11)
    Princess (29) – New Title
    Rainbow (7) – New Title
    Robin (8) – New Title
    Roy of the Rovers (12)
    Schoolgirls Picture Library (3)
    Scorcher (22)
    Secret Service Series (3) – New Title
    SIG (20) – New Title
    Sinister Tales (16)
    Smash! (59)
    Space Comics (6) – New Title
    Spider-Man (16)
    Star Wars (1)
    Stingray (1)
    Sun (1)
    Super Detective Library (3)
    Tales Of Terror picture library (5) – New Title
    Tarzan (39)
    Teddy Bear (40) – New Title
    Thriller Comics (13) – New Title
    Thunderbirds (2)
    Tiger Sports Library (10) – New Title
    Tit Bits Science Fiction Comics (6) – New Title
    Tom and Jerry (11) – New Title
    Top Secret Picture Library (11)
    Top Three Adventure Picture Library (4) – New Title
    Topper (3)
    True Life Library (7) – New Title
    TV Comic (49)
    TV Tornado (1)
    Valiant Picture Library (1)
    War At Sea Picture Library (16)
    War Picture Library (3)
    Weird Planets (7) – New Title
    Western Adventure Library (5) – New Title
    Whizzer and Chips (2)
    Whoopie (4)
    Wild West Picture Library (20)
    World Adventure Library (2)
    X-Men (10)
    Yogi Bear (3)
    Young Marvelman (2)

    Various (98)
    Various Picture Libraries (29)

    Beano has a new page for the new updates (Update)
    Dandy has 2 new pages for the new updates (Dandy Update 1 and 2)

    The reason is that these 2 titles are going to be reorganized in the near future.

    The various comics has a new page (Various 2) because there are many new various ones.

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  36. boutje777 says:

    I am still working on the blog Pulp and old Magazines, most links from Army and War until Men’s and adult are working now, i am working my way down and hoping to have everything ready at the end of the month.


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  37. Nathan Christopher Thor says:

    There was a comic Grant, Bisley, and Wagner (some of the guys from 2000ad) did in the 90s called The Dirty Dog, aka Sh*t The Dog that was released in 4 “poster magazines” and was featured later in some issues of a comic called Wasted that was released by a comic company called Bad Press Ltd. Is there a chance you could get those up on this site? I have a few issues of Wasted and the first issue of Sh*t The Dog and wish to read the rest of them. There was also a comic similar to Viz called Gas that I’m interested in, if you can get it.


  38. Jacko says:

    I recently queried whether Score n Roar issue 11 (1970-11-28) was incomplete because it appeared that one of the pages from the ‘Nipper’ story was missing.

    Nipper from Score n Roar/Scorcher/Tiger appears to have been popular in Croatia. I have found a compilation of early Nipper stories from Score n Roar, however, it is in Croatian. I have extracted 3 pages (p26-28) from this Croatian compilation (see link below) to show that Nipper from Score n Roar #11 is incomplete – the middle page of the 3 page story is definitely missing from this issue of Score n Roar. The missing page from Score n Roar 11 starts half way down the first page of the extract and finishes half way down the second page of the extract. Therefore, the existing copy of Score n Roar 11 needs to be replaced with a completed copy.


  39. Anonymous says:

    Well done! Like I say in the past Nipper is a great storyline. I hope in a complete run of Nipper in the compilation section. Written by an English, pencilled by an Argentinian, loved by the Croats and Serbs too. What a story!


  40. boutje777 says:

    Most of my other blogs have been updated today. You can see which titles at the front page when the blog is updated.

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  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi. Apologies in advance for the vagueness…
    I have been looking for a comic cover that features Glasgow Rangers captain John Greig. I think the comic in question is either “Tiger” or “Scorcher”. Had a look through the uploaded scans but I can’t see it.
    Does anyone have any idea?


    • Jacko says:

      Hi, I don’t know if this is what you are looking for. There is an issue of Valiant dated 04-01-1975 which has a cover featuring John Greig of Rangers and Billy McNeill of Celtic. You will find it on the Valiant page


  42. Jonny Freemantle says: No idea if you seen this or not, i literally just saw it like 2 mins ago and thought it might be of intrest to peeps on this page

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  43. James E. Parten says:

    I have been having some trouble downloading some of the things on this Site.

    Speciaically, the “Valiant” annuals for 1967 and 1968, the “Lion”annual for 1968, and a trio of Fleetway Super Library editions have not come out as I’d hoped.

    I cannot seem to get the “Valiant” Annual at all.

    The Fleetway Super Library trio only came out as one item, not three–and that was so ‘scoped” in that I’d only see half a page at a time. And those pages didn’t seem to be in order.

    And the “Lion” Annual download just gave me another copy of the Fleetway Super Library item, as described above.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks, i will look into this tomorrow and let you know the results.


    • boutje777 says:

      Valiant Annuals 1967,1968 – filename valiant01

      I had no problem downloading and opening them.
      Google says sometimes that there is a problem
      when the files are bigger than 100mb but you
      can just push the downloadbutton to download.

      Lion Annual 1968 – filename lnv-17

      I can download and open this annual without problems.

      I am not sure which Fleetway Super Libraries
      but i tried a few and they all could be downloaded and
      opened without problems.

      Perhaps you have to try download them again because sometimes
      there is an error with downloading and the other day
      all works fine again.

      Let me know if the problem continues.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Is there any copies of Jackie on he site


  45. Graham says:

    Hi are there any scans of Shoot


  46. Jacko says:

    I have discovered that Lion & Thunder Hoilday Special 1973 is still missing from the collection of Lion annuals and specials. It has a picture of Mowser on the cover. Can anyone help this one.


  47. Jacko says:

    Victor Annual/Book for Boys 1984

    (The annual currently on the Victor Books & Specials page turned out to be from 1994.)


  48. boutje777 says:

    I am working on reorganizing the Beano pages at this moment, so if you see crosses where covers used to be, you know the reason.
    I think i can get them reorganized midweek or so.
    Let me know if you are still busy with downloading from the Beano Uploadpage, so i don’t delete that page this week.
    You will also find all the issues from this uploadpage on the newly reorganized
    pages offcourse.

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  49. boutje777 says:

    I am ready reorganizing the Beano, the pages are open to visit.
    Don’t hesitate to let me know if you encounter any irregularities or problems.

    Next one is Dandy, i am hoping to have that ready somewhere in the week starting 15-10.

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  50. boutje777 says:

    In the mean time i am busy with making Christmas compilations also.
    I made 1 example with Judge Dredd, and collecting Christmas related stories from other wellknown British characters like Bash Street Kids, Beryl the Peril, Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan, Ivy the Terrible, Lord Snooty, Roger the Dodger, Three Bears and all that i can find.
    I hope to have them ready at the beginning of december and uploaded to the compilationsblog.

    You can download the Judge Dredd compilation to see what i have in mind.

    Download Judge Dredd

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  51. Nick says:

    Don’t suppose you have tracked down Scoop comic from the late 70’s? Would love to read them again


  52. boutje777 says:

    I am starting with reorganizing the Eagle pretty soon. After some good advice i decided to leave the 1st serie like it is, v1 01 and so on until v20, (because that is how they are known by most people), but split them in different years, and collect them and make packs in the proper order.
    There will be a page 1950 v01 01 – v01 38, 1951 v01 39 – v02 38 and so on.

    For the 2nd serie i will rename them with dates because that is a completely different comic and not so well known for their issuenumbers, so dates will be more sufficient for these.

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    • Jonny Freemantle says:

      When you do “Eagle series 2 ” could you also put the numbers on the issues that have the numbers, its very confusing how they kept putting the numbers on then dropping them to put them back on later , thanks


      • boutje777 says:

        I allready renamed them, i think it’s more confusing to have numbers and dates, i am going to date most of the titles that were published over more decades.


  53. boutje777 says:

    I’ve been updating the Compilationsblog with 100+ new compilations the last days.

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  54. boutje777 says:

    I’ve finished reorganizing the Dandy, the pages are open for visiting.
    Please let me know if i made a mistake somewhere.

    I am working on Eagle right now, next will be the Beezer.
    Further on the list are :
    Roy of the Rovers

    Let me know if you have more suggestions for titles.


  55. Klaus says:

    Like I told you in the frontline post, this is a picture of a first page of a spanish edition of a british war comic book. I would like know what’s the original comic book in Uk. Thank you.


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