Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 4 March 1972 – 1975
Number of Issues Published: 181 (#1 – #181)

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

IPC Magazines had an equal amount of hits and misses when they set out to dominate the UK comics market in the 1970s. One of the successes was Donald and Mickey, a 24 page weekly based around the famous Walt Disney characters.

The characters were no strangers to British comics of course, with Mickey Mouse Weekly (1936 to 1957) having the most longevity. Therefore IPC decided that a new generation might be receptive to a Disney comic and in late February 1972 Donald and Mickey No.1 was launched. (With a catchy/annoying theme song in the TV ads if I recall correctly.)

Unusually for a British comic of the time, every page was in colour. 16 in full colour, and 8 with blue ink on salmon-pink paper. This in itself gave the comic a feeling of vitality. The contents were mainly reprints from the American Disney titles produced by Gold Key comics, but the artwork on some covers and editorial pages were often new, – illustrated by Colin Wyatt, a superb artist with a clean style.

7,8,62, Annual 1974


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  1. Frank says:

    Donald and Mickey published Annuals from 1973-1976.


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