Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 4th February 1978 – 12th January 1980
Number of Issues Published: 101 (#1 – #12th January 1980 [101])

Incorporated into Tammy (IPC, 1971 series) in 1980.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Misty was a British comic for girls published by Fleetway in London from 4 February 1978 until 1984, after merging with Tammy on 19 January 1980. It consisted of a collection of many small strips, with the stories themselves normally being three or four pages long. As well as the weekly comic, Christmas annuals were also published.

While there were similarities with its Fleetway stablemates Tammy and Jinty, each comic had its own focus, with Misty concentrating on supernatural and horror stories. These consisted of complete stories, text stories, and serials. Complete stories focused on come-uppances, monsters and other menaces, tales of sorrow or lightheartedness, and some made their point without supernatural elements, such as Mr Walenski’s Secret and Sticks and Stones. Text stories were initially new stories, but later shifted to retellings of British ghost stories, some of which were submitted by readers.

Misty had no regular characters except for the cartoon witch, Miss T. This cartoon attracted debate among readers as to whether its comic relief weakened or complemented the dark tones of Misty. After the merger, Miss T joined the Edie strip in Tammy, which eventually became The Crayzees when Snoopa joined in the Tammy and Jinty merger on 28 November 1981, and continued until the Tammy and Princess merger on 7 April 1984. “The Cult of the Cat” and “The Black Widow” were the only Misty stories to have sequels, although the sequel for the latter was published in the merger.

Artists featured in the pages of Misty included John Armstrong, artist on Moonchild (though best known for drawing Bella in Tammy), Joe Collins, artist on Miss T, Brian Delaney, John Richardson, Badia, Jesus Redondo, Ken Houghton, Peter Wilkes, Eduardo Feito, Bob Harvey, Honiera Romeu, Barrera Gesali, and Mario Capaldi.

Writers featured included Pat Mills, Malcolm Shaw, and (possibly) Barry Clements. Mills is credited with Moonchild and Hush, Hush, Sweet Rachel, and Shaw with The Sentinels.

*This title is complete*











39 replaces the other misnumbered 39 that was actually 37


Annual 1979,1980, Holiday special 1979,1980, Summer special 1978


Annual 1981


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  1. Neil A. Hansen says:

    Much delayed, but thanks for putting up the Mistys. Being an American, I never knew material like this existed. Comics in the US were never really bent towards females except for romance comics and Archies, but the UK was much more versatile in that respect. Wonderful education, and continued success with your blog.

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  2. G. Nius says:

    Spooky stories often featured in girls comics and annuals but Misty may have been the response to attempts to get a boys/unisex “horror” comic out, which were resisted by IPC top brass despite the violence of 2000AD and (early) Action. I must say though the files did not need to be shrunk to 5mb and quality is poor – these are not the versions that should be preserved and should be replaced.

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    • boutje777 says:

      You are right, but this is how i found them, if you know a place where i can find better quality it would be great if you can provide me with the links for them and i make sure these ones will be replaced.


  3. Emma says:

    Misty Annuals 1981-1986 coming to you soon. Misty date and numbering guide now ready in dropbox.


  4. Andy says:

    Misty Annual 1981 is now uploading


  5. Emma says:

    Misty Annual 1981 is now ready


  6. G. Nius says:

    Thanks scanner for a quite decent job but it’s a shame the scans weren’t as good as the incredible (and huge) job done by someone on 80’/90’s eagle, for example. The problem (apart from fairly low dpi) is that they are not only very damp and see-through copies but the scanner seems to have barely closed the lid(?) causing a grey sheen on most pages. The story seems to be that an IPC spooky comic was proposed to the top brass since the early 70’s and I guess the idea got turned into this. I can’t believe IPC didn’t follow up 2000AD with a boys/unisex spooky comic – it could still be going today – like 2000AD. The unlucky Scream! arrived too late in 1984 when I suppose comics were deemed (even more) uncool and irrelevant even by kids, sadly.


  7. HojO says:

    Super uploading. Thanks very much.


  8. mistyfan says:

    Can you put up some Jinty please? And more Misty annuals?


  9. David says:

    What would original Misty comic book be worth ?


  10. comix fiend says:

    Hi Boutje,

    Thanks…Links to the first one and the last one are broken.


  11. Sheetal says:

    Hi these links are not safe to open. It says if you download virus can enter your computer. Could you be kind enough to put freash link again.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Issue 39 is missing. The file for 39 actually has issue 37.


  13. Lu says:

    Very grateful for these, but if anyone has these comics and would like to upgrade the scans that would be truly heavenly… pretty low DPI.


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