Publication Dates: 18 February 1956 – 1960
Number of Issues Published: 212 (#74 – #285)
Color: Colour cover
Dimensions: Tabloid (early issues)
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Numbering continues from Junior Express Weekly (Beaverbrook, 1955 series) #73.

Express Weekly was a children’s comic of the late 1950s, and featured, among others:

Wulf the Briton, originally Freedom Is The Prize drawn by Ron Embleton
Journey Into Space, from 1956, drawn first by Tacconi, and then Bruce Cornwall and Terence Patrick

Express Weekly (later TV Express Weekly) was a rival to Eagle of Dan Dare fame.





TV Express Weekly 338,347,349,351



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  1. Mr Tweedy says:

    Just noticed you have another section on TV Express – which is the same comic as this one – so a couple you already have – suggest merging the two sections together.


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