Publisher: Amalgamated Press
Publication Dates: 17 May 1890 – 1953
Number of Issues Published: 3006 (#v1#1 – #3006)
Color: Black and white and duotone cover; Black and white interiors
Paper Stock: Newsprint
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing
Publication Type: magazine

Merged into Knockout (Amalgamated Press, 1939 series)

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Comic Cuts was a British comic book magazine. It was created by the reporter Alfred Harmsworth through his company Amalgamated Press (AP). It was published from 1890 to 1953, lasting 3006 issues, and in its early days inspired other publishers to produce rival comics. Its first issue was an assortment of reprints from American publications. During its lifetime, the comic merged with many others including Golden Penny (1928), Jolly Comic (1939) and Larks (1940). Comic Cuts finally disappeared in September 1953 when it was merged with Knockout. Comic Cuts held the record for the most issues of a British weekly comic for 46 years, until The Dandy overtook it in 1999.

The comic is mentioned in G. K. Chesterton’s 1905 book Heretics and 1910 book Alarms and Discursions, and in a line of Cyril Tawney’s song Chicken on a Raft – “He’s looking at me Comic Cuts again”. It was also mentioned in Clive Dunn’s 1971 hit record “Grandad” – “Comic Cuts, all different things.” The character Annie Twohig refers to it in Lennox Robinson’s play “Drama at Inish” (“Annie: I’ll stay at home and read a magazine.” “Constance: Which magazine?” “Annie: Comic Cuts.”).

Comic Cuts 0001 1890-05-17
Comic Cuts 2164 1931-11-07
Comic Cuts 2224 1932-12-31
Comic Cuts 2685 1942-03-28
Comic Cuts 2686 1942-04-11
Comic Cuts 2687 1942-04-25
Comic Cuts 2688 1942-05-09


Comic Cuts 2689 1942-05-23
Comic Cuts 2690 1942-06-06
Comic Cuts 2691 1942-06-20
Comic Cuts 2721 1943-08-14
Comic Cuts 2722 1943-08-28
Comic Cuts 2750 1944-09-23
Comic Cuts 2753 1994-11-04
Comic Cuts 2754 1944-11-18


Comic Cuts 2755 1944-12-02
Comic Cuts 2799 1946-08-10
Comic Cuts 2816 1947-03-29
Comic Cuts 2823 1947-07-05
Comic Cuts 2825 1947-08-02
Comic Cuts 2851 1948-07-31


Comic Cuts 2875 1949-07-02
Comic Cuts 2886 1949-12-03
Comic Cuts 2889 1950-01-14
Comic Cuts 2904 1950-08-12
Comic Cuts 2931 1951-08-25
Comic Cuts 2983 1953-04-04
Comic Cuts 3003 1953-08-22


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  1. Frank says:

    Comic Cuts was published from 17th May 1890 until 12th September 1953 and had a total of 3,006 comics.


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