Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 1980 – 1980
Number of Issues Published: 31 (#1 – #31)

There was a five week gap in publication due to industrial action.
No issues were produced dated 24 May 80, 31 May 80, 7 Jun 80, 14 Jun 80 and 21 Jun 80

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Speed was launched by IPC on 23rd February 1980, and ran for 31 issues until 25th October 1980 before being merged with the long running sports themed comic Tiger. Speed was an adventure comic with an eclectic mix of strips including Journey to the Stars by Ron Turner (a lightweight sci-fi strip about a family stranded in space), Baker’s Half Dozen by Mike Western (a war strip which wouldn’t have been out of place in Battle), Topps on Two Wheels (starring cycle motorchampion Eddie Topps) and and probably the title’s most successful series, Death Wish, about a disfigured stuntman who takes absurd risks because he no longer cares whether he lives or dies. Death Wish outlasted not only Speed but also Tiger, ending up in the pages of Eagle after the latter title folded in March 1985. Speed annuals were published in 1981 and 1982.

Strips included…

“Death Wish”
“The Fastest Footballer on Earth”
“Journey to the Stars”
“Quick on the Draw”
“Topps on Two Wheels”

*This title is complete*













Annual 1981


Annual 1982
Summer Special 1980



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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for such an amazing blog – it’s been bringing back plenty of fond memories!
    Could I politely request if you’d be kind enough to restore these download links please..?
    Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication.
    All the very best and kind regards,
    Mr. Simon Templar


    • boutje777 says:

      Hello. Thanks for letting me know, i can’t log in either, the site says we are having technical difficulties. Can you try it later this week again, if the problem still occurs i will find another way to share these.


  2. Frank McDiarmid says:

    Your doing such a great Job. Just to let you know Speed Annual 1982 has 2 pages missing and Speed comic issues numbers 4 and 24 have some pages missing too. How many Specials did Speed have?.


  3. Emma says:

    Speed has a Special from1980. Coming to you soon. Speed date and numbering now in dropbox.


  4. Andy says:

    Speed issues 4 and 24 have pages missing. Also Speed Annual 1982 has pages 109, 110 missing.


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