Gas was a British adult comic that was published monthly by Galaxy Publications from 1989 to 1991.

Gas was one of many such comics emulating the success of Viz, and like many of its peers (and unlike its upmarket siblings Brain Damage and Talking Turkey) was a crude copycat of the format Viz pioneered.

Initially, many strips were clearly rejected from Viz; many set in Viz’s fictional town of Fulchester, but with the ‘F’ tippexed out (thus Gas appeared to be set in Ulchester). These strips were often of extremely poor quality, both in terms of artwork and plotting.

As the title matured, however, strips submitted for Gas became more common and the production quality increased. A number of strips from Gas resurfaced in the comic UT which ran for 18 months from 1991.

Gas ran until Volume 3, number 10 (issue 34)

Gas v01 02
Gas v01 03


Gas v02 01
Gas v03 04


Gas v03 05
Gas v03 06


Gas v03 07
Gas v03 08


Gas v03 09
Gas v03 10


Gas Xmas Special


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