Robin is here now for a half year and we are very attached to each other.

You can see who’s the boss

A place to play for her

She goes to sleep besides me after a day of playing

After a bath

A healthy breakfast for her

Sometimes a snack in between doesn’t hurt

I transformed a stroller for baby’s into a birdwalker, i take here for a walk whenever
the weather allows. I am trying to get her used to a special harness so she can come
with me without a cage but on my shoulder or hand

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  1. goldie644 says:

    Lovely !


  2. ozzycris says:

    When i get back home tomorrow ill finish up krazy holiday special 1978 45 pages scanned so far should be getting 1977 shortly also plus got the other missing holiday specials slowly but surely will be complete boutje777


  3. Anonymous says:



  4. ozzycris says:

    Does anyone know whats up with krazy comic weekly number 17 the one with a gorilla on the cover not a full scan only 17 pages or so maybe there was a strike that week maybe went on ebay asked the same question same answer only 15 or 17 pages wheres the rest


  5. Riaz Ali says:

    Robin is gorgeous! Love the ‘bird walker’ you have created too. You come across as a really nice bloke.


  6. Thomas mills says:

    dude that was one of your best posts i am an animal lover myself i am proud of you


  7. Sharman says:

    Parrots’ species are the most intelligent animals: they can accomplish very complex actions even including sofisticated mechanisms… And they are very funny!


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks. You are right about that, Robin is really intelligent and also very funny indeed. After 3 times going for a walk where she has to go inside a much smaller case, she knows allready we are going out when i get this cage, put it on the table with the door open and she steps inside within a minute. I forgot to lock 1 of her cagedoors one time, and in the middle of the night, i thought what do i feel on my feet, i looked and Robin was walking on my bed, she opened the door somehow and came to my bedroom, the door is always open. I let her walk for awhile and brought her back to her cage.


  8. Philip says:

    Lovely parrot. Really vibrant feathers.


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