Thunderbolt Jaxon is a superhero comic-book character who first appeared in an Australian comic in 1949. His first appearance in the UK was in Comet #76 in 1949. He later appeared in Knockout between August 1958 and January 1960.

When a young boy, Jack Jaxon, dons a magic belt with the power of the god Thor, he turns into an adult superhero with incredible strength and the power of flight. His costume is ancient Greek, reminiscent of Steve Reeves as “Hercules”, with a close-fitting, short-sleeved shirt, short skirt and laced boots.

In Buster comic from 1964 the character was re-branded as “Johnny Samson”, and new strips were added, retaining the premise and costume.

Thunderbolt Jaxon 01
Thunderbolt Jaxon 02
Thunderbolt Jaxon 03


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