Publisher: Pearson
Publication Dates: [June 1958] ? – March 1960
Number of Issues Published: 57 (#CC/1 – #36)
Color: colour cover; black and white interior
Dimensions: pocket size (125mm x 185mm)
Paper Stock: newsprint
Binding: squarebound
Publishing Format: ongoing
Publication Type: magazine

Only a few issues have numbers on the front cover and no issues have explicit dates. Issues typically have a code number on the last story page that indicates the issue number and the month/year of publication.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

issue 00 is probably between 3 and 7 the date inside says 5/2/59




TV Picture Stories 00 Operation Sweet Talk
TV Picture Stories 07 The Prison-Break Murder
TV Picture Stories 19 The Bank Robbers


TV Picture Stories 22 Hold-Up
TV Picture Stories 27 Dixon Of Dock Green
TV Picture Stories 31 Highway Patrol


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