Publisher: DC Thomson
Publication Dates: 1979 – 1985
Number of Issues Published: 277 (#1 – #277)
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Tracy was a weekly girls’ comic published by D.C. Thomson from 6th October 1979 to 19th January 1985 (277 issues in total).

Strips featured included:

Dark Days for Jo (But No-One Must Know)
Detestable Dinah
Dog’s Life for Debbie, A
Oh, Brother
Penny’s Perfect Mum
Rhoda’s Robots
Sharing of Shona, The
Slave to the Dolls
Sorrows of Supergirl, The
Sporty Sue
Tammy Smart’s Schooldays
They Called Her Jealous Janet
Wild Rose

Tracy 1979-10-06
Tracy 1980-01-26
Tracy 1981-09-26
Tracy 1982-05-29
Tracy 1982-07-24
Tracy 1982-08-28
Tracy 1982-09-04


Tracy 1982-09-11
Tracy 1982-10-02
Tracy 1982-10-09
Tracy 1982-10-16
Tracy 1982-10-23
Tracy 1982-10-30


Tracy 1982-11-13
Tracy 1982-12-25
Tracy 1983-01-29
Tracy 1983-02-19
Tracy 1983-03-05
Tracy 1983-07-09


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