Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 1973 – 1980
Number of Issues Published: 377 (#1 – #377)

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Pink was a weekly magazine/comic for teenage girls published by IPC from 1973 to 1980, lasting for 377 issues before merging into Mates. Alongside various features on pop, fashion and so forth it ran comic serials – usually with a romantic theme – and the gag strip “Kisses”.

Comics included…

“The Cold Touch of Love” (issues 335-348)
“The Dark Side of Love” (issues 290-301)
“Don’t Let Him Fool You, Faye!”
“The Haunting of Jilly Johnson” (issues 320-329, 331-334)
“If Only Dreams Came True”
“Just Let Me Go, Annie… Just Let Me Go” (issues 263-273)
“Looking for Eddie” (issues 279-292)
“Loving on the Right Side” (issues 302-319)
“Memories of Mike” (issues 334-346)
“Patty’s World” (Purita Campos)
“Pictures of Porcelain” (issues 320-333)
“Rich Girl, Poor Girl”
“Shadow of Fear” (issues 293-305)
“Sing a Song of Sadness” (issues 306-319)
“A Time to Love… A Time to Cry” (issues 274-277, 279-288)


Annual 1981,982


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