Publisher: Brown watson
Publication Dates: 1959 – 1966 ?
Number of Issues Published: 200 (#1 – #200)
Color: Colour cover; Black and white interior
Dimensions: Pocket size
Paper Stock: Glossy Covers; Newsprint Interiors
Binding: Squarebound
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Full range of issues to be determined. Continues in Conflict Libraries issued by Micron Publications Ltd. It is unclear if there was a time gap between publications by Brown Watson and Micron.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Conflict picture library 104,136,193


Conflict library 205,624


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  1. Greg says:

    Hi there. The two links on this page are the same (ud1901-cfl01.rar) – they’re both for 206, 624. There’s no download link for 104,136,193.


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