Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 1964 – 1965
Number of Issues Published: 19 (#1 – #19)
Color: Colour cover

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

The Big One was a shortlived weekly humour anthology from Fleetway that launched on 17 October 1964, lasting for nineteen issues before ending on 10 February 1965, when it was merged into Buster. Its title referred to its unusually large page size, which was almost A2.

Its cover star was a fat boy also named Big One, drawn by Reg Parlett. Another original strip was “Smiler” (not the Smiler from Whoopee!). Most of its other strips seem to have been reprints from older comics:

Chish and Fips”
Daffy the Cowboy Tec”
Deed-a-Day Danny”
George the Jolly Gee-Gee”
Handy Andy”
Happy Andy”
Joe and Janie” (reprint of “Tough Tod and Happy Annie”)
Kit Carson”
Smiler” (reprint of “Mike”)
Our Ernie”
Sinbad Simms”
Stonehenge Kit the Ancient Brit”
Tib o’ the Tiles” (reprint of “Ollie”)
Tough but Tender Tex”



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