SCOTT GOODALL was born in Aberdeen in 1935. After returning from the far east where he was sent after being called up for National Service, Goodall joined DC Thompson where he worked on a romantic girl’s magazine that was never published.

Moving to London in the 1960’s (where he initially worked on another romance magazine called Mirabelle), Goodall joined IPC, and ended up writing some of the most popular strips, including Captain Hurraine, Kelly’s Eye, Cursitor Doom, The Steel Claw in Valiant and Thunderbirds, Lady Penelope and Captain Scarlet strips in TV Century 21.

His other notable strips include Kid Chameleon which was illustrated by Joe Colquhoun, Fishboy and Marney the Fox which he co-created with John Stokes for Buster and Goodall’s favourite, Rat Trap in Cor!

Moving to France in 1981, Goodall helped created an annual pilgrimage through an old WWII escape route known as the Chemin De La Liberte.

In 2005 he was awarded an MBE.

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