SIDNEY WILLIAM BURGON learned the elements of sketching from his mother. Burgon became a mechanic, while continuing to draw. It were his cowerkers in a local garage who finally pushed him to further exploit his artistic talent. After some first cartoons for The Weekly News (published under the pseudonym Swab), Burgon gave up his dayjob and began freelancing as a cartoonist in 1963. His cartoons appeared in several dailies and weeklies.

It was 1970 when Burgon sent his first comic to the editor of Whizzer & Chips. Burgon stayed briefly at Whizzer: a year later he went to Knockout, for which he created the successful ‘Joker’ feature. In his later series, he brought forth several monster characters, such as ‘The Invisible Monster’ and ‘The Little Monsters’. Burgon also worked on ‘The Toffs and the Toughs’ (in Whizzer), ”Milly O’Nare and the Penny Less’ (in Jackpot), ‘Ivor Lott and Tony Broke’ (in Buster) and ‘Lolly Pop’ (in Whoopee), among others.

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