RON TURNER’s artwork emerged in the independent comic books of 1949. His first color work, like ‘Giants of the Second World’ and ‘Terror of Titan’, appeared in Tit-Bits Science Fiction Comix in 1953. That same year, he was offered a regular commission on a self-penned strip called ‘Space Ace’, published in the monthly Lone Star comic book. ‘Rick Random, Space Detective’ followed a year later.

When the Tit-Bits series closed, Turner moved to the Amalgamated Press and drew many stories for their ‘Library’ series. In 1969, after illustrating television sci-fi series, Turner did ‘The Space Accident’ and ‘Wonder Car’ for Whizzer & Chips. He then returned to more adult strips like ‘Judge Dredd’ and ‘Spinball’ and in 1985, Turner took on his fabled rival Frank Hampson and revived ‘Dan Dare’ for the new series of Eagle. Ron Turner died at the age of 76 on 19 December 1998.

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