ROY MITCHELL was a prolific cartoonist and comic strip artist since the 1970s. He contributed his work to the Express Newspapers, Mirror Group, TV Times, Chat, Take a Break and CPS News. Mitchell, who signed with Mitch, drew strips for several IPC titles, including ‘Rambling Rhymes’ (Whoopee, 1982), ‘Freddy 3-D’ (Whizzer & Chips, 1983), ‘Micro Mates’ (Whizzer & Chips, 1984), ‘Animalad’ (Whoopee, 1984 and Whizzer & Chips, 1985) and ‘Paper Boy’ (Buster, 1992-94). He also made the strip ‘Project Pete’ for Project magazine. He was a longtime artist for the Salvation Army’s magazine The War Cry. He did the ‘God Is…’ cartoon and the ‘The Chalks and the Cheeses’ strip that appeared on the back page for over 20 years.

He has done cartoons for commercial clients like United Greeting Card Company, HM Treasurey, British Rail, the Ministry of Defence, British Gas, BP, Peugot, Kodak, etc. His cartoons have been collected in several cartoon and humour books.

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