FRANCISCO S0LANO LOPEZ (26th October 1928-12th August 2011) was a comics artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who entered the field in 1953 with the series Perico Guillerma. Acknowledged as one of the most influential Argentinian comic artists (at one point, he had to flee to Spain in order to avoid arrest, as his series El Eternauta touched on Argentina’s volatile political situation), he also worked extensively for Britain’s Fleetway comics such as Valiant, Buster, Smash!, Knockout (IPC), Score ‘n’ Roar, New Eagle and Lion, on strips including Adam Eterno, Kelly’s Eye, Janus Stark, Master of the Marsh, Nipper, Pete’s Pocket Army, Jet-Ace Logan, The Drowned World, Battler Britton and Galaxus: The Thing from Outer Space. In the 1990s he branched out into the field of erotic comics, proving that his range really was pretty much unlimited.

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