BILL LACEY was with the RAF during World War II, and after the War he became a technical artist at the Ministry of Aircraft. He did his first comics work in 1951, taking over the ‘Robin Alone’ story in Mickey Mouse Weekly. While continuing this comic until 1956, he also began to work for Cowboy Comics Library and Super Detective Library. In the latter, he took over the ‘Blackshirt’ comic in 1957, followed by ‘Rick Random’, ‘Inspector Chafik’ and ‘John Steel’. He also did illustrations in Express Weekly and Valiant, as well as comics with ‘Bill Hanley and Rick Slade’ in Lion.

From 1966 to 1970, he drew ‘Mytek the Mighty’ in Valiant. Afterwards, he took on comics in Look and Learn, such as ‘Jason January, Space Cadet’, ‘The Maze Master’ and ‘Space Ranger’. His most notable work for this magazine was ‘Eagles Over the Western Front’, ‘Man Who Searched for Fear’ and ‘No. 13 Marvel Street’. In 1975 he joined Battle Picture Weekly, where he did ‘Y for Yellow Squadron’, ‘The Eagle Flies Fast’, ‘Rat Pack’ and ‘The Black Crow’. Three years later, he joined DC Thompson, illustrating the ‘Tasker’ comic in Bullet. He did his final comics work in Buddy in 1981, including ‘The Wilde Boys’ and ‘The Q-Bikes’. His son Mike is also a comic artist.

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