ALAN McKENZIE is a British comics writer and editor known for his work at 2000 AD.
McKenzie worked for Marvel UK during the early 1980s, editing Starburst, Cinema and Doctor Who Monthly magazines. After leaving the Marvel staff in 1985, he wrote several Doctor Who comic stories for the Monthly under the pseudonym Max Stockbridge. He then wrote three non-fiction books, The Harrison Ford Story (1985), Hollywood Tricks of the Trade (1986) and How to Draw and Sell Comic Strips (1987) before contributing comic scripts to IPC’s Battle Action and later 2000AD.

In 1987, he joined the editorial team of 2000 AD as a freelancer, and from 1987–1994 he created a number of stories including Bradley, Brigand Doom and Journal of Luke Kirby. He also served in 1994 as the comic’s editor.

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  1. Michael Hill says:

    I knew Alan a few decades ago when I confessed to him that I may have been responsible for British Marvel. I wrote to Marvel Comics telling them that some English comics in Britain were selling a million a week while Marvel titles in America considered 100,000 a month good. I hoped they would pull their socks up but instead shortly afterwards, out came the British reprints of American comics. I hope Alan is doing well.


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