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book 1-3


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  1. SM says:

    Thank you so much for these. I got up really early this morning and had sod all worth doing, so I listened to a Podcast which had my favourite artist/writer Davey Jones on as guest. He was full of praise for Baxendale and the Willy the Kid books. If he says they’re good then that’ll do for me Spent hours this morning/afternoon fiddling with the second one in Photoshop to remove the 40-years, 40-a-day effect, and made PDF versions so that my little girl can read it. She’s just discovered the Beano, and she inspired me to re-discover Viz. I’d let my subscription run and had about 15 copies in the plastic wrappers. Enjoyed that a lot, and I just had the 1988 Holiday Special arrive in the post yesterday. My missus caught the postman trying to wreck the thing by forcing it through the letterbox at 9am despite everyone being up. Too much info. I’ll stop. Regards, Bored, Nowhere.


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