Publisher: Quality Periodicals
Publication Dates: October 1986 – April 1987
Number of Issues Published: 7 (#1 – #7)
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Modern Age US
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: was ongoing series
Publication Type: magazine

Numbering continues with Rogue Trooper (Fleetway/Quality, 1987 series) #8

Publisher: Fleetway-Quality
Publication Dates: July 1987 – 1991
Number of Issues Published: 50 (#8 – #49)
Color: Color
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age U.S.
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing series
Publication Type: magazine

The UK and US versions of this and several other Fleetway/Quality series got out of sync, with some issues being dated differently for UK and US editions until the US editions skipped two months of content, which was reprinted only in the UK versions. This put the numbering of the two versions out of sync so that finally Fleetway/Quality double-numbered the US editions for two issues in order that the numbers and contents of the two editions matched again. See the individual issue records for the specifics.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Rogue Trooper is a science fiction strip in the British comic 2000 AD, created by Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons. It follows the adventures of Rogue, a “Genetic Infantryman”, a genetically created, blue-skinned, manufactured super soldier and his three comrades’ search for the Traitor General. His comrades are in the form of biochips – onto which a G.I.’s entire personality is downloaded at the time of death for later retrieval – and are named Gunnar (mounted on Rogue’s rifle), Bagman (on his backpack) and Helm (on his helmet). He is genetically engineered to be immune to almost all known toxins, can submerge in strong acid unaffected, and is able to withstand a vacuum in his bare skin.


UPDATE 08-01-2018

Action Special


The War Machine, Annual 1991


Book 1-4







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    Hi. Am finding the same as John above. Be nice is this link could be updated please.


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