Publisher: Marvel UK
Publication Dates: 24 April 1992 – August 1994
Number of Issues Published: 52 (#1 – #52)

Published bi-weekly from issue number one to forty-two. Switched to monthly from issue #43 to the series’ end.

Mostly a reprint book that featured reprinted stories of Marvel UK heroes (to the exclusion of any characters that originated from the main US division of Marvel comics, earlier on; this policy was eventually rescinded).

Overkill was a Marvel UK anthology published during the 1990s, deliberately designed as a Marvel equivalent to 2000AD.

Originally there was an editorially-directed policy of no Marvel US superheroes appearing in Overkill (meaning it could only reprint 11 pages of each Marvel UK story, excising 11 that had deliberate US guest-stars) – market research indicated this was counter-productive and the policy was dropped, with Death’s Head taking a prominent role in the comic.









6 responses »

  1. Conrad says:

    Number 18 is missing???


  2. Andy says:

    Doing some research, Overkill was published from April 1992 until August 1994


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have number 18 in a used but decent condition (the back has a small fold and rip) are you based in England?


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