Publisher: Marvel UK
Publication Dates: 1980 – 1981 ?
Number of Issues Published: 17 (#1 – #17)
Color: Colour cover with color and black and white interior
Dimensions: Magazine size
Paper Stock: Newsprint
Binding: Saddle-Stitched
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Frantic was a humour magazine launched by Marvel UK in March 1980, and ran for 18 issues until July 1981. The brainchild of editorial director Dez Skinn, it carried reprints from the Marvel US title ‘Crazy’ (created to be Marvel’s answer to Mad Magazine) lampooning popular movies and TV shows of the time such as Superman, the Dukes of Hazzard, Mork & Mindy and Kramer vs Kramer, plus Marvel characters Obnoxio the Clown and Howard The Duck. Frantic was eventually merged with Marvel Madhouse. There were also two Frantic Specials, published prior to the launch of the magazine itself; a Summer Special in May 1979 and a Winter Special in October of the same year.


UPDATE 05-04-2018




3,9,10,12,15, Summer Special 1979, Winter Special 1979


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