Publisher: Marvel
Publication Dates: June 1988 – 1989
Number of Issues Published: 10 (#1 – #10)
Color: Colour
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age US
Paper Stock: Glossy cover; Newsprint interior
Binding: Saddle-stitched

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Dragon’s Claws is a dystopian science fiction comic book, published by Marvel Comics, as well as the eponymous law enforcers known as Dragon’s Claws. It was set in the year 8162. Dragon’s Claws first appeared in Dragon’s Claws #1 (June 1988), and were created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

Prior to their career as law enforcers, the Claws had been “the greatest Game players in the world” – the Game was a violent team sport, immensely popular and funded by the governing World Development Council, who had used it to distract the population and reduce civil unrest. Many of the villains appearing in the series also have their roots in the Game.

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