Publisher: Marvel
Publication Dates: January 1994 – 1994
Number of Issues Published: 4 (#1 – #4)

4-issue mini-series

vs Genetix

Publisher: Marvel
Publication Dates: December 1993 – 1994
Number of Issues Published: 2 (#1 – #2)
Color: Color
Dimensions: standard Modern Age US
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Limited series

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Death Metal is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character appears in the Marvel UK imprint. He first appeared in Death³ #1 and was created by Dan Abnett and Dell Barras.

Death Metal was created by Doctor Evelyn Necker as part of the Minion project which also produced Death’s Head II and Death Wreck. Necker had sent Death Wreck throughout space and time, and he came back with (among other things) a magical semi-living metal that she called “Promethium” (not to be confused with the real element promethium). Necker used this metal to create a new cyborg, but she was unaware that the Prometheium had been created by the evil being called Charnel[1] (whom Dr. Necker had had previous dealings with) and Death Metal promptly stole a time machine and fled to the parallel universe of Charnel.

*This title is complete*

1-4, vs Genetix 1,2


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