Action Force

26 stories

Arctic Terror
Assault on Atoll Z
Battle For The Skies!
Cobra Gold
Cobra Victory
Codename Beaver
Codename Kraken
Codename Moondancer
Codename Quickfire
Codename Sky Raider
Codename Stakeout
Codename The Scrapyard
Codename Tracker
Crisis In Space!
Death Beam
Death Castle
Death In South America
Death In The Everglades
Death Of The Hawk
Death To The Legion!


Desert Strike
Doom Plague!
Duke’s Revenge
Hawk’s Challenge
Jungle of Doom
Jungle Terror
Laser Trooper
London In Peril
Major Bludd
Manhattan Transfer
Maximum Kill!
Menace of the Baron
Operation Australia
Operation Bloodhound
Operation Claymore


Operation Deep Cover – The Assassin
Operation Ironblood
Operation Liberty
Operation Sealion
Operation Shield
Operation Snakebite
Operation Spearhead
Operation Stubborn
Project Highball
Red Jackal
Revenge Of The Red Shadows
River Of Serpents
School For Snakes
Sea Fury
Sea Wars!
Showdown For The Shadows
Snake Hunt
Snow Job
Starts Today!
Storm Shadow 1
Storm Shadow 2
Tank Hunt
Target Torpedo


The Baroness
The Big Battle
The Black Major
The Curse
The Fangs Of Cobra
The Great Cobra Robbery
The Hacienda Hit
The Hornet’s Nest
The New Boy
The Peace Rocket
The Raid!
The Terror of Cobra
The Ultimate Crime
Top-Sergeant Duke
Venom of Cobra
World Enemy No 1
Action Force Posters


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