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59, Annual 1974


Annual 1980


Annual 1984-1986



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It be cool if you could add Shiver and Shake complete collection as well as the specials and other annuals. Also I would like to see more Cheeky Annuals and Cheeky specials of Ipc magazines.


    • boutje777 says:

      It wil be cool yes, and if i had them i would, but maybe i will find them someday.


      • JD says:

        I have. Many shiver &,,shake + Annuals and the complete cheeky weekly+ 1 annual on pdf put on hard copy disc which i brought online and they are quite good could send them to you and you may change them to CBR. But I don’t know how to send them on line as i am not computer savy as most persons arej


        • boutje777 says:

          Thanks for the offer, i have an update planned this week with all the missing Cheekly Weekly’s so there will be 1-117 and 1 annual on the blog. From Shiver and Shake i only have issue 59 and the annuals 1974,1980,1984-1986.
          Perhaps you can upload the files on a free fileserver like Mediafire, Mega or 1 off your own choice, and leave the links in a comment. I will make sure they will find their way to the right place on the blog.


        • Anonymous says:

          if you send them as an attachment, I know how to do it.


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