Publisher: Marvel
Publication Dates: 1980 – 1982
Number of Issues Published: 41 (#1 – #41)
Publication Type: magazine

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Future Tense started life as a weekly SF-based title published by Marvel UK which ran from 5th November 1980 until July 1st 1981, after which (from issue #36) it moved to monthly frequency. The final issue was #41 (January 1982). Along the way, Future Tense effectively absorbed two shorter-lived sister titles, the war-themed Forces in Combat and the fantasy-themed Valour, arguably somewhat diluting it as a science fiction comic.
All the strip content consisted of reprints of American Marvel material, including (to begin with) The Micronauts (which continued directly on from its previous runs in Star Wars Weekly and Star Heroes), Seeker 3000, Paladin and Warlock. The Micronauts continued to appear right up to the final monthly issue, but the other original strips were gradually replaced by others, including:

Star Lord (no connection to the Fleetway title or character, for which see Star-Lord)
Star Trek (beginning with Marvel’s adaptation of Star Trek the Motion Picture and continuing with new stories)
Rom (from Forces in Combat)
Weirdworld and Conan (both from the pages of Valour)
Captain Marvel


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  1. Neil A. Hansen says:

    Mediafire seems to be having issues. Can’t seeto download anything yet/


  2. Neil A. Hansen says:

    Issues ended. Many thanks. Neat to see Marvel’s Star Trek in black and white.


  3. Thanks a lot. Great classic stuff.


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