The Care Bears are a group of multi-colored bear characters. The original artwork was painted by artist Elena Kucharik for American Greetings Corporation, LLC in 1981 to be used on greeting cards; but the characters were later used for toys, and in TV programs and films.

The original development was through American Greetings’ “Those Characters From Cleveland” research and development division, In 1983, Kenner turned the Care Bears into plush teddy bears. The Care Bears appeared in TV specials called The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings (1983) and The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine (1984). They then had a television series from 1985 to 1988, and three feature films: The Care Bears Movie (1985), Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986), The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987).


UPDATE 28-02-2017

More of Care Bears Treasury Edition



Best of, Annual 1991,1993


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  1. Sailor Sedna says:

    Thanks for the download links, they worked perfectly! 😀

    Do you have download links for the (if they exist), 1988,1990 and 1992 annuals (I have most of the annuals except those three)? Just curious.


  2. happy heart bear says:

    I hope scans of other UK Care Bear comics can be posted some day. They were much better than the US version.


  3. happy heart bear says:

    Sailor Sedna could you scan the annuals you have and post them if possible to preserve them?


  4. happy heart bear says:

    Hi Sailor Sedna, you can use a free service such as to upload the files for free. Post back if you have any problems! Thanks!


    • Sailor Sedna says:

      Thanks for letting me know!

      It’s going to take a while as I’ve got at least four to scan, but when I can I’ll upload them!


      • happy heart bear says:

        Thanks! It would be great to preserve them for future generations. So little of the UK comics exist online, so there’s lots of people who have never seen them!


  5. happy heart bear says:

    That’s so awesome a Treasury Edition was found. Hopefully more can be found. Thank you so much boutje777.


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