Publisher : IPC
Publication Dates: 6th June, 1970 – 1974
Number of Issues Published: 211 (#1 – #211)
Color: Combination of Full Colour, Two Colour and Black and White
Dimensions: 227 mm x 290 mm

Published weekly.
First issue was cover dated 6th June 1970
Final issue was cover dated 15th June 1974
211 issues in total

Cor!! was a children’s humour weekly launched by IPC on 6 June 1970, edited by Bob Paynter. It ran until 27 June 1974, when it was merged into Buster. Annuals and summer specials continued to be published intil 1986.

Strips included:

“Andy’s Ants”
“Donovan’s Dad”
“Fiends And Neighbours”, (later reprinted in Scream! comic)
“Football Madd”
“Frankie Stein” by Ken Reid, formerly in Wham!
“The Gasworks Gang”
“The Goodies”, based on the TV show, drawn by Joe Colquhoun
“Gus Gorilla”, drawn by Mike Lacey
“Hire a Horror”
“Ivor Lott and Tony Broke”
“Jack Pott”
“Jasper the Grasper” by Ken Reid, formerly in Wham!
“Jelly Baby”
“Kid Chameleon”
“Little Geyser”
“Night Mare”
“The Robot Maker” by Ken Reid
“Swopper Stan”
“The Slimms”
“Tell-Tale Tess”
“Teacher’s Pet”
“Tricky Dicky”
“Willy Worry”


UPDATE 27-09-2016

8 issues 1970,1972,1973


2 issues 1973, 2 issues 1974, Annual 1976


Annual 1977,1980,1982


Annual 1983


Annual 1986






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