Publisher: Thorpe and Porter
Publication Dates: [1969] – 1970
Number of Issues Published: 14 (#1 – #14)
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

*This title is complete*





Bumper Book 1970


6 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great to see these. I remember having Nos. 1-5 as a child (probably have them in the loft somewhere). Never could find any more.


  2. LesW says:

    I have scanned my copies of issues 1-5 into cbz format – they’re about 30MB each. Let me know if you want copies and how I can send them to you.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for the trouble and the offer, i have found 1-4 in the meantime, also 7,8 and 12, they will be on in te next update, so this one is complete after the update. No.5 is allready on the blog.


  3. LesW says:

    The whole series – brilliant! Thanks – and well done!


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