Issues i allready have.

Special Christmas Issues.

A Christmas Carol 2012
A Dreamin’ Jennie Holiday Special 2014
A Very Zombie Christmas 01
A Very Zombie Christmas 02
A Very Zombie Christmas 03
A Very Zombie Christmas 04
A Very Zombie Christmas 05
All-Star Squadron 07
Alvin and his Pals in Merry Christmas
Angry Birds Comics Holiday Special 2014
Ant-Mans Big Christmas
Archie 384
Archie 661
Archie and Friends Double Digest 21
Archie and Friends Double Digest 22
Archie Double Digest 235
Archie Double Digest 245
Archie Double Digest 246
Archie Meets Santa – Digital Exclusive 2014
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 169
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 181
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 192
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 205
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 218
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 230
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 242
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 454
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 466
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 478
Archie’s Christmas Love-in GS 490
Archie’s Christmas Spirit 2013
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 004
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 005
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 006
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 010
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 020
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 025
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 031
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 150
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 158
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 167
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 179
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 190
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 203
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 216
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 228
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 240
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 452
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 464
Archie’s Christmas Stocking GS 488
Archie’s Christmas Stocking v2 03
Archie’s Favorite Christmas Comics v1
Archie’s Holiday Fun Digest 05
Archie’s Holiday Fun Digest 07
Batman – The Brave and the Bold 12
Batman 247
Batman 285
Batman 309
Beagle Boys and the Christmas Surprise 2013
Beano Comic Library 209
Beano Merry Christmas
Betty & Veronica Double Digest 218
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 159
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 168
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 180
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 191
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 217
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 229
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 241
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 453
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 465
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 477
Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular GS 489
Betty and Veronica Digest Magazine 101
Betty and Veronica Double Digest 206
Betty and Veronica Double Digest 207
Betty and Veronica Under the Mistletoe
Betty and Veronica v2 72
Big Comic Fortnightly 14
Boo! Holiday Special 01
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 01
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 02
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 03
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 04
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 05
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 07
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 08
Bugs Bunny Christmas Funnies 09
Bugs Bunny Christmas Party Dell Giant 06
Bugs Bunny’s Merry Christmas FCC 1064
Buster 1971-12-25
Buster 1972-12-23
Buster 1976-12-25
Buster 1980-12-20
Chaos Holiday Special 2014
Christmas Book for Girls and Boys
Christmas Carnival 02
Christmas in Disneyland 01
Christmas Parade Dell 01
Christmas Parade Dell 02
Christmas Parade Dell 03
Christmas Parade Dell 04
Christmas Parade Dell 05
Christmas Parade Dell 06
Christmas Parade Dell 07
Christmas Parade Dell 08
Christmas Parade Dell 09
Christmas Parade Dell Giant 26
Christmas Parade Gemstone 01
Christmas Parade Gemstone 02
Christmas Parade Gemstone 03
Christmas Parade Gemstone 04
Christmas Parade Gemstone 05
Christmas Parade Gladstone 01
Christmas Parade Gladstone 02
Christmas Parade Gold Key 01
Christmas Parade Gold Key 02
Christmas Parade Gold Key 03
Christmas Parade Gold Key 04
Christmas Parade Gold Key 05
Christmas Parade Gold Key 06
Christmas Parade Gold Key 07
Christmas Parade Gold Key 08
Christmas Parade Gold Key 09
Christmas Stories FCC 0959
Christmas Stories FCC 1062
Christmas with Mother Goose FCC 0126
Christmas with Mother Goose FCC 0172
Christmas with Mother Goose FCC 0201
Christmas with Mother Goose FCC 0253
Christmas with the Super Heroes 01
Christmas with the Super Heroes 02
Classics Illustrated 53 A Christmas Carol
Dennis the Menace and his Gang at Christmas
Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine 073
Dennis the Menace Bonus Magazine 159
Dennis the Menace Christmas Favorites
Dennis the Menace Giant 01 Christmas issue
Dennis the Menace Giant 03 Christmas Issue
Dennis the Menace Giant 05 Christmas Issue
Dennis the Menace Giant 10 Christmas Issue
Donald Duck A Christmas for Shacktown FCC 0367
Donald Duck Merry Christmas Dell Giant 53
Donald Duck The Golden Christmas Tree
Donald Duck, Fethry Duck, and the Saboteur of Fir Trees 2013
Donald Duckling and the Beauty of Christmas with Everyone
Elvira Haunted Holidays
Elvira House Of Mystery Special 01
Fables 56
First Christmas in 3D
Flash v2  87
Flintstones Christmas Party v1 001
Flintstones Gold Key 31
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0359
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0435
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0514
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0601
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0661
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0748
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0861
Frosty the Snowman FCC 0950
Frosty the Snowman FCC 1065
Frosty the Snowman FCC 1153
Frosty the Snowman FCC 1272
Funny Stuff Stocking Stuffer 01
Green Lantern – Larfleeze Christmas Special 01
Green Lantern – Mosaic 09
Green Lantern 36
Green Lantern 59
Grimm Fairy Tales – Different Seasons
Harley Quinn Holiday Special 01
Hellblazer 250
Huey, Dewey, and Louie and the Christmas Mission
Icon 13
Jingle Belle – Gift Wrapped Special 2011
Jingle Belle – Santa Claus vs. Frankenstein
Jonah Hex 34
JSA Classified 33
Jughead Double Digest 186
Jughead Double Digest 187
Jughead Double Digest 197
Justice League Of America 060
Justice League Of America 152
Last Christmas Image 01
Last Christmas Image 02
Last Christmas Image 03
Last Christmas Image 04
Last Christmas Image 05
Li’l Jinx Christmas Bag GS 206
Li’l Jinx Christmas Bag GS 219
Lil Vampi Holiday Special 2014
Little People Happy Holidays FCC 0753
Little People Topsy-Turvy Christmas FCC 0868
Littlest Snowman FCC 0755
Littlest Snowman Rescues Christmas FCC 0864
Magnus Robot Fighter 34
Mickey and Donald 01
Mickey and Donald 09
Mickey Mouse and Peg-Leg Pete and the Christmas Theft 1998
Mickey Mouse and the Christmas Present 2003
Mickey Mouse and the Made-to-Measure Present 2006
Mickey Mouse in Disneyland 62
Mighty Mouse and Friends Holiday Special 01
Night Man v1 15
Night of the Living Dead Holiday Special 01
NP Bobby’s Christmas Dream
NP Dickie Dare The Story of the First Christmas
NP Mandrake the Magician The Santa Claus Pirates
NP Newspaper Classics Christmas Carol
Official Golden Age Hero and Heroine Directory 01
Outsiders 05
Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual 002
Richie Rich 042
Richie Rich and Casper 022
Richie Rich Holiday Digest Magazine 02
Richie Rich Holiday Digest Magazine 04
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 01
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 02
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 03
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 04
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 05
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 06
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 07
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 08
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 09
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 10
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 11
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 12
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 13
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 14
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 15
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Annual 1962
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic – Digital Exclusive 2014
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 196
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 207
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 220
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 231
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 243
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 455
Sabrina’s Christmas Magic GS 479
Sabrina’s Holiday Spectacular 02
Sad Sack At Home For the Holidays
Santa and the Angel FCC 0259
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1966
Santa Claus Funnies 01
Santa Claus Funnies 02
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0061
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0091
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0128
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0175
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0205
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0254
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0302
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0361
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0525
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0607
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0666
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0756
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0867
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 0958
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 1063
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 1154
Santa Claus Funnies FCC 1274
Santa’s Christmas Comics 1952
Santa’s Surprise 1947
Santa’s Tinker Tots 01
Spectre 12
Starman 27
Super Friends 10
Super Friends 22
Superman 369
Super-Star Holiday Special 980
Teen Titans 13
The Man Called A-X 06
The X-Files X-Mas Special 01
Top Top Tales – Yogi Bear Helps Santa
Unknown Soldier 237
Veronica Christmas in Germany
Walt Disney’s Christmas Classics 2009
Walt Disney’s Merry Christmas Dell Giant 39
Walt Scott’s Christmas Stories Dell FCC 0959
Walt Scott’s Christmas Stories Dell FCC 1062
Woody Woodpecker Christmas Parade 01
Woody Woodpecker’s Christmas Parade Dell Giant 40
Woody Woodpecker’s Christmas Party Dell Giant 54
World of Archie 03
World of Archie Double Digest 23
World of Archie Double Digest 34
Yogi Bear Jellystone Jollies 11

Issues with a Christmas story.

Action Comics 081
Action Comics 093
Action Comics 105
Action Comics 117
Action Comics 469
Adventure Comics 113
Adventure Comics 125
Adventure Comics 185
Adventures of Little Archie 21
All-American Comics 10
All-American Comics 35
Animal Crackers 09
Archie 3000 06
Archie And Me 26
Batman 009
Batman 015
Batman 027
Batman 033
Batman 039
Batman 045
Batman 219
Batman 285
Batman Family 04
Brave and the Bold 184
Bulletman 11
Capt. Storm 02
Captain Marvel Adventures 42
Comic Cavalcade 09
Detective Comics 120
Everything’s Archie 72
Fables – 1001 Nights of Snowfall
Flash All Flash 21
Funny Animals 02
Funny Picture Stories v1 02
Girls’ Romances 90
Howdy Doody 26
Jackpot Comics 07
Justice League of America v1 110
Looney Tunes 108
Mazing Man Special 02
Pep 346
Pep Comics 12
Pep Comics 46
Richie Rich and Casper 22
Sgt. Rock 350
Sgt. Rock 378
Shazam 11
Spirit Section – Minneapolis Star Journal – 1940-12-22
Sugar and Spike 38
Sugar and Spike 56
Super Friends 42
Superboy New Adventures 39
Tarzan of the Apes 207
Tick Tock Tales 02
Tomahawk 138
Wasteland 16
Whiz Comics 24
Young Love 47


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