Publication Dates: 27 September 1975 – 3 April 1976
Number of Issues Published: 28 (#27th September 1975 – #3rd April 1976)
Color: Colour
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age U.S.
Binding: Saddle-Stitched

Vulcan was a reprint title used by Fleetway to make use of its back-catalogue of superhero and adventure strips printed in Lion and Valiant during the 1960s and early 1970s. Format-wise, it was something of a departure for Fleetway’s comics, being the same size as an American comic, and featuring good quality paper.

After a trial run in Scotland from March 1975 with an issue dated 1 March 1975, the comic was launched nationally with an issue date of 27 September 1975. It continued for a further 28 issues (the last dated 3 April 1976) until being cancelled and merged with Valiant. Later in 1976 an annual was published.

Vulcan ran for 28 issues.

The following series were amongst those reprinted in Vulcan:

– The Spider
– The Steel Claw
– Trigan Empire
– Robot Archie (which married the art from Bert Bus’ Dutch reprints with the original English scripts)
– Mytek the Mighty
– Saber, King of the Jungle
– Kelly’s Eye
– The House of Dolmann


UPDATE 08-01-2018

v2 26




UPDATE 04-10-2016

Annual 1977, Holiday special 1976, v1 1,5,8,11,21,28, v2 1,2

Issue v1 1 is actually v1 3, so you can change the name for that one.


v2 3-8


v2 9-20


v2 21-25,27,28



v1 14,17,30



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  1. leemcdaid says:

    One small correction. The v1 issue ‘Number 1# ‘is actually ‘Number 3#’


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