Publisher: IPC
Publication Dates: 1970 – 1971
Number of Issues Published: 41 (#1 – #41)

Continued in Score (IPC, 1971 series) #8 May 1971

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Score ‘n’ Roar was a football themed comic/magazine published by IPC from 12th September 1970 until June 1971. Unusually, it followed the two-comics-in-one format of Whizzer and Chips, with Roar being a pull-out insert inside Score, each of the two sections being sixteen pages long. Strips featured included Cannonball Craig, Peter the Cat (about a goalkeeper, not a feline called Peter) by Tom Kerr, Phantom of the Forest by Jesus Blasco, Trouble Shooter by Graham Allen, Jack of United, Jimmy of City and Nipper by Francisco Solano Lopez (easily the most successful strip in the comic, and later a long running feature in first Scorcher and later Tiger). The title failed partly due to being comparatively expensive and partly due to the fact that most of its prospective audience already had a football comic to read; Scorcher, into which Score ‘n’ Roar was eventually folded (the new title being Scorcher and Score. Roar had already been dropped by then, along with the conceit of being two titles in one).

Strips included…

“Cannonball Craig”
“Peter the Cat”
“Phantom of the Forest”
“Trouble Shooter”

*This title is complete*












20 responses »

  1. Nikos says:

    Halo from Greece!
    Thanks for this little treasure ,and my compliments for this huge treasury you have here,for all of us!
    Just to inform you,that issues 22 and 23 are the same!
    Practically issue 22 is missing!
    Thanks again!


  2. Nikos says:

    Thanks a lot boutje,it is amazing how quickly you answer me!
    Take your time!


  3. Ian Knox says:

    Score ‘n’ Roar issue 22 coming to you soon. Score ‘n’ Roar date and numbering guide now in dropbox.


  4. Moreau says:

    The weekly title might have merged with Scorcher to become Scorcher and Score, but the annuals remained separate – Scorcher had its own annuals, fourteen of them from 1971 until 1984. Meanwhile there were 13 Score annuals – a Score ‘n Roar Annual 1972, then just Score Annual from 1973 through 1984 inclusive.


  5. Jacko says:

    I have a query about Score n Roar issue 11 (1970-11-28).

    Up until Score n Roar issue #19 ‘Nipper’ was a 3-page story.
    However in issue #11 ‘Nipper’ only has 2 pages and the first page of the ‘Lord Rumsey’s
    Rovers’ story has been scanned twice.

    I am wondering whether there is a missing page from the ‘Nipper’ story in issue #11. Is anyone able to confirm this and, if I am right, is anyone able to help with a correctly scanned issue #11. Thanks in advance.


    • boutje777 says:

      Perhaps it’s better to ask this question again on the frontpage because that is the page most people read, thanks for the remark. I will go look at the matter myself also.


  6. Jacko says:

    I recently queried whether Score n Roar issue 11 (1970-11-28) was incomplete because it appeared that one of the pages from the ‘Nipper’ story was missing.

    Nipper from Score n Roar/Scorcher/Tiger appears to have been popular in Croatia. I have found a compilation of early Nipper stories from Score n Roar, however, it is in Croatian. I have extracted 3 pages (p26-28) from this Croatian compilation to show that Nipper from Score n Roar #11 is incomplete – the middle page of the 3 page story is definitely missing from this issue of Score n Roar. The missing page from Score n Roar 11 starts half way down the first page of the extract and finishes half way down the second page of the extract. Therefore, the existing copy of Score n Roar 11 needs to be replaced with a completed copy.


  7. Mr Michael j Barrett ,Clare Street ,Ballina Co.Mayo Eire says:

    Hi i am Looking for score n roar featuring these League Cup Finals 1971 (spurs v villa) 1975 (villa v Norwich ) & any Aston Villa Team Group Photos


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