Publication Dates: July 1957 – 1965
Number of Issues Published: 327 (#1 – #327)
Color: Colour cover; Black and white interior
Dimensions: Digest-size
Paper Stock: Glossy Covers; Newsprint Interiors
Binding: Squarebound
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Numbering continues in June and School Friend Picture Library (IPC, 1965 series).

Schoolgirls Picture Library was a comic published by Amalgamated Press, later Fleetway, from 1957 to 1965, when it was merged into June & School Friend Picture Library.

As its title suggests it followed the picture library format and contained stories such as “Annette in Wartime France”, “Angel of the Backstreets” and “The Peewit Gang” (all three by Mike Hubbard).


UPDATE 01-10-2016









26 responses »

  1. Judy Perry says:

    Does anyone have any Schoolgirl Picture Comics for sale?


  2. Judy Perry says:

    I would like to purchase SPL 104 and 295, and JSF 531, 409, and 401. Please let me know how much you want for them and also about shipping. I have Paypal. Please get back with me.

    Judy Perry


  3. linda rowlands says:

    hi jufdy,we live in spain,i will decide re the mone and find out postage for you,im not sure if we still have pay pal,our ebay account was compromised some time ago,would you be able to send me a cheque?


  4. Nicole Le C says:

    Hi all I be just come into this conversation as I have recently acquired some June and school friend comics dating from 1967 to 1969 they are not all here and some are in better condition than others. I live in Australia and would be happy to sell them.


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