Publication Dates: 1950 – 1965
Number of Issues Published: 766 (#1 – #766)
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

The School Friend was published by Amalgamated Press as a story paper for girls from 1919 to 1929, when it was renamed The Schoolgirl, and continued until 1940.

School Friend was revived as a comic in 1950, publishing a mixture of comic strips and prose stories, and was published by AP, then Fleetway and IPC.. It ran until 1965, when it was merged into June, becoming June & School Friend. The Editor of June & School Friend was Mavis Miller. Art Editor: Colin Parker. Sub-editors: Terence Magee, Jackie Davies. Art Assistants: Ken “Sherry” Sherrington, Roger Prickett

Art Agencies used were run by Dick and Jack Wall; Temple Art Agency by Danny and Pat Kelleher; Bardon Art Associates by Barry Coker; Creaciones Ilustradas by Luis Llorente.

Series included:

“Babs and the Family”
“Bessie Bunter” (Billy Bunter’s sister), written by Jim Storrie
“Cherry and the Children”, drawn by John Armstrong
“Dilly Dreem”
“Jill Crusoe”, written by Johnny Johnson and drawn by Roland Davies
“Kim – Dog of Mystery”
“Lucky’s Living Doll” (written by Frank Redpath and drawn by Robert MacGillivray)
“My Friend Sara”
“Scamp” (Harry Hargreaves)
“The Silent Three”, written by Horace Boyten and Stewart Pride, drawn by Evelyn Flinders
“The Strangest Stories Ever Told”, a pipe-smoking teller of spooky stories (various writers such as Scott Goodall, Len Wenn, Terence Magee and various artists)
“Terry Brent”, drawn by C. L. Doughty
“Sindy”, the famous toy doll, written by Cecil Graveney

There was also a School Friend Picture Library, published from 1962 to 1965, when it became June and School Friend Picture Library, and then June and School Friend and Princess Picture Library in 1966.

A companion paper was Lindy, published in 1975 and folding 6 months later. The Editor was Norman Worker. One of the stories was “Hard Days For Hilda”, written by Terence Magee.


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260,273,470,471,472,474, Annual 1959



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