Publication Dates: 1972 – 1973
Number of Issues Published: 89 (#1 – #89)
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Sandie was a short lived girls comic edited by John Wagner and published by IPC/Fleetway from 12th February 1972 to 10th October 1973. Upon cancellation, it was merged into Tammy. Stories featured included Wee Sue (which became a long running strip in Tammy), Slaves of the Trapeze, Captives of Terror Island, Angela Angel Face, Nat the Cat and Brenda’s Brownies.

Stories included:

“Brenda’s Brownies” (drawn by Mike Brown)
“Captives of Terror Island” (written by Terence Magee)
“Slave of the Trapeze” (written by Terence Magee)
“Wee Sue”



17, Annual 1973,1974



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