Publication Dates: 20th January 1962 – 17th April 1982
Number of Issues Published: 1049 (#1 – #1049)
Color: Colour
Dimensions: 10″ x 13″
Binding: Saddle-stitched

Look and Learn was a British weekly educational magazine for children published by Fleetway Publications Ltd from 1962 until 1982. It contained educational text articles that covered a wide variety of topics from volcanoes to the Loch Ness Monster; a long running science fiction comic strip, The Trigan Empire; adaptations of famous works of literature into comic-strip form, such as Lorna Doone; and serialized works of fiction such as The First Men in the Moon.

The illustrators who worked on the magazine included Fortunino Matania, John Millar Watt, Peter Jackson, John Worsley, Patrick Nicolle, Ron Embleton, Gerry Embleton, C. L. Doughty, Wilf Hardy, Dan Escott, Angus McBride, Oliver Frey, James E. McConnell, Kenneth Lilly, Graham Coton, Ralph Bruce, R. B. Davis, Severino Baraldi and Clive Uptton.

Among other things, it featured the Pen-Friends pages, a popular section where readers could make new friends overseas.

Look and Learn was the brainchild of Leonard Matthews, the editorial director of juvenile publications at Fleetway Publications which was already publishing the long-running Children’s Newspaper. An early attempt by Matthews to launch a new educational title along the lines of Italian educational magazines Conoscere and La Vita Meravigliosa had been turned down by the Board of Directors.

A British edition of Conoscere was brought out in 1961 under the title Knowledge and Matthews reassessed his original proposal and approached the Board again, this time receiving the go-ahead to produce a dummy of the proposed magazine.

The dummy was put together by the firm’s Experimental Art Department headed by David Roberts and Trevor Newton. David Stone, a former sub-editor with Everybody’s Weekly was appointed editor and, with the dummy approved, the magazine began publication. However, before the new title reached the newsstands, John Sanders replaced Stone as editor.

It did include a comic strip section, the most important strip was The Trigan Empire, a science fiction series written mainly by Mike Butterworth and most notably drawn by Don Lawrence, which first appeared in Ranger in September 1965. It transferred to Look and Learn in issue 232, June 1966 when the two titles merged, and ran there until the title ceased publication. It told the story of an alien culture that contained an educational blend of science and Earth-like ancient civilizations. Another strip was Rob Riley, also originally from Ranger.


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