Publication Dates: 16 October 1976 – 15th April 1978
Number of Issues Published: 79 (#1 – #79)
Color: Colour cover

Krazy was a British comic published every Monday by IPC Magazines Ltd. It ran from (issues dates) 16 October 1976 to 15 April 1978, when it merged with stable-mate Whizzer and Chips. In 1977, one of the characters in the comic, Cheeky, proved popular enough to get his own comic, Cheeky, which was later merged into Whoopee!. The comic included a “disguise” back-cover, such as the cover of a diary or brochure, which allowed readers to hide the comic from parents or teachers (although one issue on April Fool’s day had the front cover upside down).

Krazy’s stories included:

‘ello, It’s Cheeky
Big Game Hunter
Birdman and Chicken
Detective Fumbly’s (Nut) Case Book, a text story usually with one illustration, rather than a conventional strip
Fit Fred and Sick Sid
Handy Andy
Hit Kid
Kid Comic
The Krazy Gang
Micky Mimic
Pongalongapongo, featuring Pongo Snodgrass, originally a supporting character in The Krazy Gang[2]
Ray Presto
Scaredy Cat
The 12½p Buytonic Boy


UPDATE 29-09-2016



Annual 1978


Annual 1980



Annual 1981,1983,1984,1985



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