Publication Dates: 1971 – 1971
Number of Issues Published: 21 (#1 – #22)

Jet was a shortlived weekly comic published by IPC in 1971. It lasted for 22 issues before merging into Buster. Its mot enduring strip was Ken Reid’s “Faceache”, which carried on in Buster for some time and is today well-regarded by Reid’s admirers.

Strips included…

“Adare’s Anglians”
“Bala The Briton”
“Bertie Bumpkin”
“Crazy Car Capers”
“Carno’s Cadets”
“Kester Kid”
“The Kids of Stalag”
“Paddy McGinty’s Goat”
“Partridge’s Patch”
“Sergeants Four”
“The Sludgemouth Sloggers”
“Von Hoffman’s Invasion”





17-22, Annual 1973


2 responses »

  1. Andy Artyart says:

    How can I upload you comics and annuals to your website


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for the offer. If you like you can opload them to any uploading site and leave the links in a comment so i can download them and place them in the proper place.


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