Publication Dates: 1968 – 1969
Number of Issues Published: 48 (#1 – #48)

Jag was a weekly boys adventure comic launched by Fleetway on 27th April 1968. Unlike its stablemates at the time, the comic was tabloid sized, printed on higher quality paper, and had four of its sixteen pages in full painted colour, and a further four in spot colour. Its format was closer to that of rival publisher Hulton Press’s Eagle than of the other Fleetway titles, but it lasted just 48 weeks (and towards the end became just a standard 32 page comic in the same format as Fleetway’s other titles). Strips featured included The Mouse Patrol (by Eric Bradbury), Cap’n Codsmouth (by Joe Colquhoun), Boy Bandit by Tom Kerr, The Indestructible Man (by Jesus Blasco), Custer by Geoff Campion, Football Family Robinson by Joe Colquhoun, and SF strip New World for Old. Following its cancellation, Jag joined the masthead of Tiger. There was also a Jag Football Special, and Jag Annuals were published from 1970-1973.

Features included…

“Black Patch: The Wonder Horse”
“The Castaways of Shark Island”
“The Daredevils” (first appeared issue 1)
“Football Family Robinson”
“The Indestructable Man” (first appeared issue 1)
“MacTavish and O’Toole”
“The Mouse Patrol” (first appeared issue 1)
“The Outlaws” (first appeared issue 1)
“Snob College” (first appeared issue 1)
“Story of a Star”


UPDATE 29-10-2017



Annual 1971




UPDATE 29-09-2016


Issue 20 is issue 22 so you can delete that issue.




UPDATE 26-06-2015






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  1. Archivos (200 MB total)
    Jag 05 [1968-06-01] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 07 [1968-06-15] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 22 [1968-09-28] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 25 [1968-10-19] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 26 [1968-10-26] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 27 [1968-11-02] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 28 [1968-11-09] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 29 [1968-11-16] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Jag 30 [1968-11-23] [TUBCBG].cbr
    Y 6 más…
    Disponible hasta
    25 de marzo de 2016
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    Scans of TUBCBG


  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve only just seen the March 18 message about the Jag issues. Could they please be made available on your website?


  3. bud bud ding ding says:

    the first jag magazine comic from fleetway magazines ltd was dated 27th april 1968


  4. cjkerry says:

    Jags still missing as far as I can determine are as follows
    1968 10-21, 23, 24
    1969 45
    Annuals 1970, 1972, 1973
    Jag Specials 1968

    I find it amusing the first annual comes out when the weekly comic is cancelled.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Dan says:

    No wonder it was cancelled, as good as it was, it was always competing with Tiger (was Lion still around at that point?) why the fascination with big cats at IPC/Fleetway ???


    • boutje777 says:

      Yes Lion was published until may 74. There where so many good comics published that days, so many merged with others also, hard to choose from, let alone you had the money for all of those.
      I wonder also where that fascination came from. Perhaps they thought that they had to come up with another animalname because the Eagle was very popular in 1952 and they want to compete with it. And when tiger was published in 1954 they thought maybe since Lion was popular also, let’s take another big cat for the name.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Luis Miguel says:


    The Link UPDATE 29-09-2016 5,7,20,22,25-36 doesn’t work



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