Hulk Comic

Publication Dates: March 7th 1979 – 16 January 1980
Number of Issues Published: 46 (#1 – #46)
Color: Color cover; Black and White interior
Dimensions: Magazine size 21.6 cm x 28 cm (8.5″ x 11″)
Paper Stock: Newsprint
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Numbering continues in The Incredible Hulk Weekly (Marvel, 1979 series) #47-58.

Incredible Hulk

Publication Dates: 23 January 1980 – 10 April 1980
Number of Issues Published: 12 (#47 – #58)
Color: Full Colour Cover; Black and White (with two pages of interior colour) Interior
Dimensions: British Magazine Size (21.6 cm [8.5 inches] wide x 28 cm [11 inches] tall
Paper Stock: Newsprint cover; Newsprint Interior
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

This title lasted 63 issues before merging with Marvel UK’s Spider-Man title. Like many titles published by the company under Dez Skinn, Hulk Comic featured new material produced by British creators such as Steve Dillon, David Lloyd and Steve Parkhouse, along with a smattering of American reprints drawn from the Lee/Kirby Marvel back-catalogue. Once Skinn was replaced by Paul Neary, however, the title’s original output dwindled, being supplanted by an increasing number of reprints. The title included new Hulk material drawn by Dave (Watchmen) Gibbons and Steve (Preacher) Dillon. This material was significant in that it portrayed the illiterate, wandering Hulk of the 1970s television series. Once the title began featuring American reprints, it chose to display the Marvel Universe Hulk as depicted by Sal Buscema. Hulk Weekly is best remembered for reviving Captain Britain, which had previously been US-originated material. Other original work included Nick Fury also drawn by Steve Dillon and a new Black Knight strip which also featured Captain Britain. These original stories were mostly restricted to the first 20 issues of the title, before tailing off to make way for U.S. reprints, with the Black Knight strip running through most further issues until the title’s cancellation. Nevertheless, Hulk Comic is particularly significant for launching the character of Night Raven by Steve Parkhouse and David Lloyd. Night Raven (1st appearance) is one of several Marvel UK characters to eventually made the jump to the mainstream (US) Marvel Universe.


UPDATE 28-09-2016

Winter special, Incredible 21,24,27, Annual 1978, Presents 1



Hulk Comic 1-9


Hulk Comic 10-18


Hulk Comic 19-27


Hulk Comic 28-36


Hulk Comic 37-46


Incredible Hulk 47-55


Incredible Hulk 56-63



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