Fantastic Series

Publication Dates: January 1967 – January 1967
Number of Issues Published: 2 (#1 – #2)

Continued in Fleetway Super Library Stupendous series (Fleetway Publications, 1967 series)#3

Stupendous Series

Publication Dates: February 1967 – January 1968
Number of Issues Published: 24 (#3 – #26)

Secret Agent Series

Publication Dates: January 1967 – January 1968
Number of Issues Published: 26 (#1 – #26)

Fleetway Super Library was a comic published by Fleetway from 1967 to 1968. As its title suggests it followed the picture library format, albeit on a chunkier scale than usual: each issue was 132 pages long, containing a 122-page main story alongside back-up material such as a quiz or reprints of humour strips.

The Fleetway Super Library series was itself split into three smaller series, each with two protagonists. Stupendous, which was called Fantastic during the first month of its existence, followed the exploits of the Steel Claw (from Valiant) and the Spider (from Lion); the military-themed Front Line starred Maddock’s Marauders and Top-Sergeant Ironside, both of whom would migrate to Battle Picture Library following the demise of Super Library; and finally Secret Agent told the stories of Johnny Nero and the Lion hero Barracuda.

Super Library was not long-lived: it ended in January 1968 after a total of 78 issues, 26 for each sub-series. Steve Holland has argued that it could be regarded as Britain’s first series of graphic novels.

Fantastic Series 02, Secret Agent Series 18,19


Stupendous Series 3,8,15,16,23



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  1. Narayan Radhakrishnan says:

    great going….can you please post PAYMENT IN DEATH (Barracuda and Frollo); THE SNAKE ISLAND (Steel Claw) and THE EVIL ONES (Barracuda and Frollo). These three works enjoyed huge popularity in India, when they were translated to varous Indian languages and published over here (In Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada languages). PAYMENT IN DEATH became FLIGHT 731; THE EVIL ONES became “Manjukatta Rahasyam” and SNAKE ISLAND became “Sarpa Dweepu” in India.


  2. AndyT says:

    Downloads are not working.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for letting me know, i will take care of it tomorrow.


    • boutje777 says:

      Try again later if you want. I just tried some and they all worked. Sometimes the site has some temporarily problems and it looks like the files are no longer available.


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