Publication Dates: 25 February 1978 – 8 September 1979
Number of Issues Published: 81 (#1 – #81)

Emma was a weekly girls’ comic published by D. C. Thomson from 25th February 1978 to 8th September 1979 (83 issues in total). Its name was allegedly an acronym for “Excitement, Mystery, Marvelous free gifts and Action”, and if you believe that, you’ll believe anything! Strips featured included Jodie and the Otter, Angie and Blue Eyes. Upon cancellation, Emma was merged with Judy.

Strips included…

“Blue Eyes”
“Jodie and the Otter”
“Lynne Against Lareno”

Emma 1978-02-25
Emma 1978-03-04
Emma 1978-03-11
Emma 1978-03-18
Emma 1978-03-25


Emma 1978-04-01
Emma 1978-04-08
Emma 1978-04-15
Emma 1978-04-22
Emma 1978-04-29
Emma 1978-05-06
Emma 1978-05-13
Emma 1978-05-20


Emma 1978-05-27
Emma 1978-06-10
Emma 1978-06-17
Emma 1978-06-24
Emma 1978-07-22
Emma 1978-07-29


Emma 1978-09-23
Emma 1978-09-30
Emma 1978-10-14
Emma 1978-10-21


Emma 1978-10-28
Emma 1978-11-11
Emma 1978-12-02
Emma 1978-12-16
Emma 1978-12-23
Emma 1978-12-30


Emma 1979-01-06
Emma 1979-01-13
Emma 1979-01-20
Emma 1979-01-27
Emma 1979-02-03
Emma 1979-02-10
Emma 1979-02-17
Emma 1979-02-24


Emma 1979-03-03
Emma 1979-03-10
Emma 1979-03-24
Emma 1979-03-31
Emma 1979-04-07
Emma 1979-04-14
Emma 1979-04-21
Emma 1979-04-28
Emma 1979-05-05


Emma 1979-05-12
Emma 1979-05-19
Emma 1979-05-26
Emma 1979-06-02
Emma 1979-06-09
Emma 1979-06-16
Emma 1979-06-30
Emma 1979-07-14


Emma 1979-07-28
Emma 1979-08-04
Emma 1979-08-11
Emma 1979-08-18
Emma 1979-08-25
Emma 1979-09-01
Emma 1979-09-08



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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the post and available download on “emma” many parts missing. kindly inform me if the parts added here. thanks.._jsc.johny@gmail.com


  2. Nemo says:

    I’m getting checksum errors on

    emma01,rar — Emma 11.cbr – checksum error
    emma02.rar — Emma 43.cbr – checksum error
    emma04.rar — Emma 60.cbr – checksum error
    emma05.rar — Emma 79.cbr – checksum error

    can force the unpacking of the archive, but not sure if the files are 100%


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for letting me know, i checked the cbr’s and they are ok by me, they open fine and i can read them. Perhaps something went wrong with downloading.


      • Nemo says:

        Looks like it’s a browser issue…for some reason Opera is consistently corrupting downloads from adrive.com, worked fine from Chrome. A weird one, I’ll have to do a bit of digging.

        Anyhoo, thanks for providing this resource, it’s been fun watching my sister nostalgia out when I loaded these (and the Misty & Spellbound) onto her tablet.

        keep up the good work!


        • boutje777 says:

          You are welcome, let me know if it works, if not i will make a link with the issues that are not working and place it in a comment.


  3. Iveta Tantisa says:

    Hello. I’m an ABBA collector and I desperately seeking for original EMMA COMICS with ABBA cartoon image on the cover 13th of may 1978. issue 12. Maybe you can help. My email address is ivetadreika@inbox.lv


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