Publication Dates: 17 February 1973 – 15 January 1983
Number of Issues Published: 518 (#1 – #518)
Color: Colour
Paper Stock: Newsprint
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Debbie was a weekly girls’ comic published from 1973 to 1983 by DC Thomson. In 1978 Spellbound merged into it; on 22 January 1983, following its five hundred and thirteenth issue, Debbie merged into Mandy.

Strips included…

“The Circus Slave”
“Cat’s Eye Cottage” (first appeared in 1979)
“The Dark Days of Dorcas”
“Debbie Dean: The Little Beauty Queen” (first appeared in issue 1)
“Jane Green’s Schooldays” (first appeared in 1979)
“A Horse for Hattie” (first appeared in 1979)
“Lisa the Lonely Ballerina” (Geoff Jones)
“Marsalla of the Mists” (John Woods)
“Mary Brown’s Schooldays”
“The Randell Road Girls”
“The Rival O’Rileys”
“Supercats” (Badia)
“Superstitious Cindy”
“Trixie’s Treasure Chest” (Robert MacGillivray)
“We’ll Show Those Boys!”


UPDATE 27-09-2016



Picture story library 10,13,29,33,38,49,52,66,70,85,87,93,100,106,112







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