Publication Dates: 22nd October 1977 – 2nd February 1980
Number of Issues Published: 117 (#1 – #117)
Color: Colour
Paper Stock: Newsprint
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

No issues were produced on 16 December 1978, 23 December 1978 and 30 December 1978 due to industrial action by the printers.

Cheeky Weekly was a British comic published every Monday by IPC Magazines Ltd. It ran for 117 issues from (issues dates) 22 October 1977 to 2 February 1980, failing to be published for 3 weeks in December 1978 due to an industrial dispute. It merged with stable-mate Whoopee!, initially as a 16-page pull-out section. The title character originated in an earlier comic called Krazy as a character in the strip The Krazy Gang and also the star of the ‘Ello, It’s Cheeky feature, and proved popular enough to get his own comic, which managed to outlive Krazy itself. The first issue came with a free “Red Jet Rattler” (a build-it-yourself model aeroplane).

Strips included…

“Calculator Kid”
“Fangs of Fear”
“The Skateboard Squad!”
“Walter Wurx”


UPDATE 26-09-2016



50,71,72, Annual 1981






21 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    please add more cheeky weekly comics to your site


  2. Javed Daulat says:

    Cheecky weekly was the greatest comic of my era, just couldn’t get enough of it


    • Andy Artyart says:

      Hi Javed Daulet, – if you email your adress I can send you via attachments more cheeky weekly comics and annuals for free ,


    • Andy Artyart says:

      Notify me of new comments via emai


    • Javed says:

      For me”Cheeky weekly” was the start of the rebirth of the comic era and nothing has come closer to it! The art was fantastic, the stories made you laugh, simply the best comic ever, I only wish that Cheeky weekly could be brought back to give enjoyment, to insire new generations of readers to come, as it has given to me


  3. JD says:

    All Cheeky weekly comics can be downloaded for free at😇


  4. Akele Hum says:

    I like to help your worthy cause to upload you comics and annuals. please let me know how ?


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks for the offer. You can upload what you want to share to a sharingsite of your choice and leave the link in a comment.


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