A list of all known British comics, not a list of comics that will appear on this blog.


A1 (Atomeka Press, 1989-1992)
AARGH (Artists Against Rampant Government Homophobia) (Mad Love, 1988)
Acne (1991-1993)
Action (IPC, 1976-1977)
Adventure (DC Thomson, 1921-1961)
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright (1978-1997)
Air Ace Picture Library (Fleetway, IPC, 1960-1970)
Alec (early 1980s-present)
Alice in Sunderland (Jonathan Cape, 2007)
All-Action Monthly (Fleetway, 1987)
Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday (1884-1916, 1922-1923, 1948-1949, 1976-1977)
Amanda Swan (Rough Cut Comics, 2012)


Bacchus (Harrier, 1987)
Battle Picture Library (Fleetway, 1961-1984; Ron Phillips, 1988-1990)
Battle Picture Weekly (IPC, Fleetway, 1975-1988) (later “Battle Action” and
“Battle Action Force”)
The Beano (DC Thomson, 1938–present)
The Beano Book (DC Thomson)
Beano Max (DC Thomson, 2007–present)
Beeb (Polystyle Publications, 1985)
The Beezer (DC Thomson, 1956–1993)
Best of Krazy (IPC, 1978)
The Bible Story (IPC, 1964), merged into Look and Learn
Big Budget (1897-1909)
The Big Comic (Henderson, 1914-1918)
Big Comic Fortnightly (Fleetway, 1988-1994)
Big Numbers (Mad Love, 1990)
The Big One (IPC, 1964-1965)
Bimbo (DC Thomson, 1961-1972)
Biomecha (Pink Apple Jam/Sweatdrop Studios, 1995-)
The Black Hole (IPC, 1980)
Blast! (John Brown Publishing, 1991)
Blob! (Hi8us Midlands, 2008)
Blue is for Boys (Sweatdrop Studios, 2005)
Blue Jeans (DC Thomson, 1980–1991)
Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue (AP, 1929-1934)
Bobo Bunny (IPC, 1969-1973)
The Bogie Man (Fat Man Press, John Brown Publishing, Apocalypse, Atomeka
Press, 1989-1992)
Bonnie (IPC, 1974-1975)
Boy’s Cinema (AP, 1919-1940)
Boys’ Magazine (London Publishing Co, Hultons, 1922-1934), merged into The
The Boy’s Own Paper (1879-1967)
Boys’ World (Odhams, 1963-1964) – merged into Eagle
Brain Damage (1989-1992)
Brainstorm Comix (c. 1975)
Britten and Brülightly (Random House, 2008)
British Showcase (Markosia, 2013-)
Bubbles (AP, 1921-1941)
Buddy (DC Thomson, 1981–1983)
Bullet (DC Thomson, 1976–1978)
Bulletproof (Bulletproof Comics, 2008)
The Bullseye (AP, 1931-1934)
Bunty (DC Thomson, 1958–2001)
Burke and Hare (Insomnia Publications, 2009)
Buster (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1960-2000)
Buster Adventure Picture Library (IPC, 1966-1967)
Butterfly (AP, 1904-1940)
Buzz (DC Thomson, 1973–1975)


Cancertown (Insomnia Publications, 2009)
Captain Zenith Comic (Martin and Reid Ltd, 1950)
Champ (DC Thomson, 1984-1985)
The Champion (AP, Fleetway, IPC 1922-1966)
Charlie Chaplin’s Fun Book (AP, 1915)
Chatterbox (1866-1950s)
Cheeky Weekly (IPC, 1977-1980)
Cheerio (AP, 1919-1920)
Chemical Blue (Sweatdrop Studios, 2009-present; online version began 2008)
Chick’s Own (AP, 1920-1957)
Children’s Fairy (AP, 1919-1921)
Chips Comic (IPC, 1983-1984)
Chuckles (AP, 1914-1923)
Classics from the Comics (DC Thomson, 1996–2010)
Cla$$war (Com.X, 2002-2004)
CLiNT (Titan Magazines, 2010-2013)
Cold Sweat (Sweatdrop Studios, 2003)
Cold Sweat & Tears (Sweatdrop Studios, 2007)
Comet (AP, 1946-1959)
Comic Cuts (AP, 1890-1953)
Comic Home Journal (AP, 1895-1904)
Comic Life (Henderson, AP, 1899-1928)
Comic Relief Comic (Fleetway, 1991)
Commando (DC Thomson, 1961–present)
Confessions Library (AP, Fleetway 1959-1960)
Cor!! (IPC, 1970-1974)
Cosmic (H Bauer, 1997-1998?)
Countdown (Polystyle Publications, 1971-1972)
Cowboy Comics (aka Cowboy Picture Library) (AP, Fleetway 1950-1962)
Cracker (DC Thomson, 1975–1976)
Crackers (AP, 1929-1941)
Crisis (Fleetway, 1988-1991)
The Crunch (DC Thomson, 1979–1980)


The DFC (Random House, 2008-2009)
The Dandy (DC Thomson, 1937-present)
Deadface (Harrier, 1987)
Deadline (1988-1995)
Debbie (DC Thomson, 1973-1983)
Diana (DC Thomson, 1963-1976)
Diceman (IPC, 1986)
Dickory Dock (IPC, 1980)
Distorted (Inspired Comics, 2009)
Doctor Who Magazine (Marvel UK/Panini, 1979-present)
Dreamer (IPC, 1981-1982)
Drop Dead Monstrous (Sweatdrop Studios, 2008)


Eagle (Hultons, Odhams, IPC, 1950-1969) – merged into Lion
Eagle (1982-1994) (IPC, Fleetway, 1982-1993)
Emma (DC Thomson, 1978-1979) – merged into Judy
Escape (1983-1989)
Ethel and Ernest (Jonathan Cape, 1998)


Famous Romance Library (AP, 1958-?)
Fantastic (Odhams, 1967-1968) – merged into Smash!
Fast Fiction (1982-1991)
Fast Forward (BBC Magazines, 1989-1995)
Father Christmas (Random House, 1973)
Favourite Comic (AP, 1911-1917)
Film Fun (AP, Fleetway 1920-1962)
Film Picture Stories (AP, 1934-1935)
Firefly (AP, 1914-1917)
Fleetway Super Library (IPC, 1967-1968)
Fluffy (Jonathan Cape, 2003-2007)
Fun and Fiction (AP, 1911-1914)
Fun to Do (IPC, 1978-1982)
Fun to Know (IPC, 1979-1980)
Fungus the Bogeyman (Hamish Hamilton, 1977)
Funny Folks (1874-1894)
Funny Wonder (AP, 1914-1942)


Gemma Bovery (Jonathan Cape, 1999)
Giggle (IPC, 1967-1968) merged into Buster
Girl (Hultons, Odhams, IPC, 1951-1964 – merged into Princess – 1981-1991)
Girl (IPC, 1981-1990)
Girls’ Crystal (AP, Fleetway, 1953-1963)
Golden (AP, 1937-1940)
GoodCopBadCop (Planet Jimbot/Rough Cut Comics, 2012-)
Goofy (IPC, 1973-1974)
Grandeville (Jonathan Cape, 2009)
Grange Hill Magazine (IPC, 1980-1981)


Halfpenny Comic (1899)
Halfpenny Wonder (AP, 1914)
Happy Days (AP, 1938-1939)
Harold Hare’s Own Paper (Fleetway, IPC, 1959-1964)
Heartbeat (IPC, 1981-1982)
Hey Diddle Diddle (IPC, 1972-1973)
Hoot (DC Thomson, 1985–1986)
The Hornet (DC Thomson, 1963-1975)
Hot-Shot (Fleetway, 1988-1989)
The Hotspur (DC Thomson, 1933-1981)
Hurricane (IPC, 1964-1965)
Hwyl (1949-1989)


Illustrated Chips (AP, 1890-1953)
It’s Wicked! (Marvel UK, 1989)


Jack and Jill (AP, 1909, 1954-?)
Jack Staff (Dancing Elephant Press, 2000-2003)
Jackie (DC Thomson, 1964–1993)
Jackpot (IPC, 1979-1982)
Jag (IPC, 1968-1969)
Jarred (Sweatdrop Studios, 2009-present)
Jester (AP, 1912-1940) (“Jolly Jester” from 1920-1924)
Jet (IPC, 1971)
Jingles (AP, 1934-1954)
Jinty (IPC, 1974-1981)
The Jock (1993-1998, 2005)
The Jolly Comic (AP, 1935-1939)
Judge Dredd: Lawman of the Future (Fleetway, 1995-1996)
Judge Dredd Megazine (Fleetway, Rebellion 1990-present)
Judy (DC Thomson, 1960–2001)
June (IPC, 1961-1974)
Jungle Jinks (AP, 1923-1925)


Kane (Dancing Elephant Press, 1993-2001)
Killer Cake (Sweatdrop Studios, 2006)
Kinema Comic (AP, 1920-1932)
Kling Klang Klatch (Victor Gollancz, 1992)
Knock-Out (AP, Fleetway, IPC 1939-1963)
Knockout (IPC, 1971-1973)
Krazy (IPC, 1976-1978)


Laika (First Second, 2007)
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (WildStorm, DC Comics, Top Shelf,
Knockabout, 1999-present)
Larks (AP, 1927-1940)
Legend Horror Classics (Legend Publishing, 1975)
Legends (IndieManga, 2009)
Lindy (IPC, 1975)
Lion (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1952-1974)
Little Sparks (AP, 1920-1922)
London’s Dark (Titan Books, 1989)
Look Alive (IPC, 1982)
Look and Learn (Fleetway, IPC, 1962-1982)
Look-In (IPC, 1971-1994)
Love Romance (AP, 1950-?)
Love Story Picture Library (Fleetway, 1952-?)
Love, Sweat & Tears (Sweatdrop Studios, 2002)


The Magic Comic (DC Thomson, 1939–1941)
Magic Comic (late 1970s)
Magno Comic (International Publications, 1946)
The Man
Mandy (DC Thomson, 1967–1991)
Mangasm!! (Speedlines Publishing, 2008)
Marilyn (AP, Fleetway 1955-1965)
Marsman Comics (Cartoon Art, 1948)
Marvel Bumper Comic (Marvel UK, mid 1980s)
Marvelman (L. Miller & Sons, 1954-1963)
Mask (Fleetway, 1986-1988)
Mates (IPC, 1975-1981)
Meng and Ecker (Savoy Books, 1989-1995)
Merry and Bright (AP, 1910-1917)
Mirabelle (C. Arthur Pearsons, IPC, 1956-1977) merged into Pink
Misty (IPC, 1978-1980)
Modern Toss (2004-present)
Monster Fun (IPC, 1975-1976)
My Favourite (AP, 1928-1934)
My Guy (IPC, 1978-?)


Near Myths (1978-1980)
Nemo: Heart of Ice (Top Shelf, Knockabout, 2013)
Nikki (DC Thomson, 1985-1989) – merged into Bunty
Nimbus Base (Sweatdrop Studios, 2005)
Nipper (IPC, 1987)
Nutty (DC Thomson, 1980–1985)


Oh Boy (IPC, 1976-1985)
Oink! (IPC, Fleetway, 1986-1988)
Origins (IndieManga, 2008)


Penny (IPC, 1979-1980)
Penny Wonder (AP, 1912)
The Phoenix (2011-present)
Photo Love (IPC, 1979-1981)
Photo Secret Love (IPC, 1980-1981)
Pick & Mix (Inspired Comics, 2009-2010)
Pink (IPC, 1973-1980)
Pink is for Girls (Sweatdrop Studios, 2005)
Playbox (AP, 1925-1955)
Playhour (AP, 1954-?)
Playtime (AP, 1919-1929)
Plug (DC Thomson, 1977–1979)
Poot! (1989-1994, 2009-present)
Poppet (IPC, 1963-1964)
Pow! (Odhams, 1967-1968) – merged into Smash!
The Pride (2011-)
Princess (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1960-1967, 1983-1984)
Princess Tina (IPC, 1967-1973)
pssst! (1982)
Psychiatric Tales (Blank Slate Books, 2010)
Puck (AP, 1904-1940)
Pulp! ( 1987 )


Quackers (Keesing, 1996-1999)


Radio Fun (AP, Fleetway, 1938-1961)
The Rainbow (AP, 1914-1956)
The Rainbow Orchid (Egmont Books, 2009-2010)
Ranger (IPC, 1965-1966)
Redfox (Harrier, Valkyrie Press, 1986-1989)
Revolver (Fleetway, 1990-1991)
Ring Raiders (Fleetway, 1989)
The Rising Stars of Manga United Kingdom and Ireland (Tokyopop, 2006-2008)
Robin (Hultons, Odhams, IPC, 1953-1969) – merged into Playhour
Robin Hood Adventures (BBC Magazines, 2007-2008?)
Romeo (DC Thomson, 1957-1974) – merged into Diana
The Rover (DC Thomson, 1922-1973)
Roxy (AP, Fleetway, 1958-1963) – merged into Valentine
Roy of the Rovers (IPC, Fleetway, 1976-1993)


Sally (IPC, 1969-1971)
Sandie (IPC, 1972-1973)
Saviour (Trident Comics, 1989-1991)
School Friend (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1919-1929, 1950-1965) – merged into June
School Friend Picture Library (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1962-1965)
School Fun (IPC, 1983-1984)
Schoolgirls’ Picture Library (AP, Fleetway, 1957-1965)
The Schoolgirl (AP, 1929-1940)
Schoolgirl’s Own (AP, 1921-1936)
Scoop (DC Thomson, 1978-1981) – merged into The Victor
Scorcher (IPC, 1970-1974)
Score ‘n’ Roar (IPC, 1970-1971)
Scream! (IPC, 1984)
See-Saw (IPC, 1976-1977)
Serenade (Fleetway, 1962-1963)
Shiver and Shake (IPC, 1973-1974)
Shoot! (IPC, 1969-2008)
The Skipper (DC Thomson, 1930-1941)
A Slice of Life (Inspired Comics, 2008)
A Small Killing (Victor Gollancz, 1991)
Smash! (Odhams, IPC, 1966-1971) – merged into Valiant
Smut (late 1980s)
The Snowman (1978)
Sonic the Comic (Fleetway, 1993-2002)
Spaceship Away (2003-present)
Sparkler (AP, 1934-1939)
Sparks (1914-1922)
Sparky (DC Thomson, 1965–1977)
Speed (IPC, 1980)
Speed and Power (IPC, 1974-1975)
Spellbound (DC Thomson, 1976-1977) – merged into Debbie
Spike (DC Thomson, 1983–1984)
Spit! (1990s)
Sports Fun (AP, 1922)
Starblazer (DC Thomson, 1979-1991)
Stardust (Sweatdrop Studios, 2006)
Starlord (IPC, 1978)
The Stormer (early 80s)
Strange Embrace (Atomeka Press, 1993)
Strangehaven (Abiogenesis Press, 1995-2005)
Streamline Comics (1947-?)
Strip Magazine (Print Media Productions, 2011-)
Sugardrops (Sweatdrop Studios, 2006)
Sufferin’ Satellites (World Apart Productions, 1996-1998)
Sunbeam (AP, 1922-1940) – merged into Tiny Tots
Sunbeam Annual
Sunday Fairy (AP, 1919) – renamed Children’s Sunday Fairy, then Children’s
Fairy; merged into Bubbles
Sun Fish, Moon Fish (Sweatdrop Studios, 2009-2011)
Sunny Stories (IPC, 1958-1971)
Super Detective Library (Fleetway, 1953-1960)
Supernaturals (Fleetway, 1987-1988)
Swift (Hultons, Odhams, 1954-1961) – merged into Eagle


Talking Turkey (1991-1992)
Tamara Drewe (Jonathan Cape, 2007)
Tammy (IPC, 1971-1984)
Target (Polystyle Publications, 1978) – merged into TV Comic
Teddy Bear (IPC, 1963-1973)
Teddy Bear’s Playtime (IPC, 1981)
Tell Me Why (IPC, 1968-1970)
Terrific (Odhams, 1967-1968) – merged into Fantastic
Thriller Comics (AP, Fleetway, 1951-1963)
Thunder (IPC, 1970-1971)
Thunderbirds the Comic (Fleetway, 1991)
ThunderCats Magazine (Panini, 2012-2013)
Tiger (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1954-1985)
Tiger Tim’s Weekly (AP, 1919-1940) (“Tiger Tim’s Tales” from 1919-1920) –
merged into Rainbow
Tina (IPC, 1967)
Tiny Tots (AP, 1927-1959)
Tip Top (AP, 1934-1954)
Toby (IPC, 1976-1978)
Top Spot (AP, Fleetway, 1958-1960)
The Topper (DC Thomson, 1953–1990)
Tornado (IPC, 1979)
Toxic! (Apocalypse, 1991)
Toxic (Egmont, 2002-present)
Treasure (IPC, 1963-1971)
True Life Library (Fleetway, 1955-?)
True War (IPC, 1978)
TV Century 21 (IPC, 1965-1969) (“TV21” from 1968)
TV Comic (1951-1984)
TV Fun (AP, Fleetway, 1953-1959)
TV Tornado (City Magazines, 1967-1968) – merged into TV21
TV Toyland (IPC, 1966-1967)
Twinkle (DC Thomson, 1968-1999)


Ut (mid-1990s)


Valentine (Fleetway, IPC, 1957-1974)
Valiant (Fleetway, IPC, 1962-1976)
The Victor (DC Thomson, 1961-1992)
Violent Cases (Titan Books, 1987)
Viz (1979-present)
Vulcan (IPC, 1975-1976)


War at Sea Picture Library (Fleetway, 1962-1963)
War Picture Library (AP, Fleetway, IPC, 1958-1984)
Warhammer Monthly (Black Library, 1998-2004)
Warlord (DC Thomson, 1974-1986)
Warrior (Quality Communications, 1982-1985)
Wasted (Bad Press, 2008-2011)
Wham! (Odhams, 1964-1968) – merged into Pow!
When the Wind Blows (1982)
Whizzer and Chips (IPC, 1969-1990)
Whoopee! (IPC, 1974-1985) – merged into Whizzer and Chips
Wildcat (Fleetway, 1988-1989)
Wild West Picture Library (IPC, 1966-1971)
The Wizard (DC Thomson, 1922–1963, 1970–1978)
Wonder (AP, 1942-1953)
Wonderland Tales (AP, 1919-1921) (“Wonderland Weekly” 1920-1921)
World of Wonder (IPC, 1970-1975)
Wow! (IPC, 1982-1983) – merged into Whoopee!


Zit (1991-2002)

Thanks to UK Comics Wiki.

Which you can visit HERE

33 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just Wonderful Thank You Boutje!! Andrea


  2. Ken says:

    Initially I was able to open your files.
    I am now having problems with the RAR files which is affecting my computer, and had to remove RAR installation.
    How can I now download/read your brilliant web Page ?


    • boutje777 says:

      I have no idea what can be the problem, i unrar the files with winrar and then i open the cbr of cbz files with a cbr- or comicreader. Good luck.


    • Anonymous says:

      just double click on the cbr it thens opens to a folder which you can drag to your desktop. it is that simple with rar


  3. greenman340 says:

    Do you have the serial The Red Sands Of Kara Kota which appeared in text form in The Hornet 383 (Jan. 9 1971) – 394 (Mar. 27 1971).

    Anyone who does please email


  4. TV Century 21 – Mike Noble. simply the best!


  5. John says:

    Would you have Doctor Who Adventures Magazine? Thank you!


  6. Valen says:

    Do you have the full Toxic! (1991) comic series?


  7. Anonymous says:

    Jingles published by Amalgamated press ltd was published from 13th January 1934 until 29th may 1954. Will we get to see some of these comics?


  8. G. Nius says:

    The list doesn’t include IPC Barbie from the 80’s. Not my cup of tea and symptomatic of the end but it was very nicely drawn. The Complete Catalogue of British Comics by Gifford is excellent and goes for a few pounds nowadays(!)


  9. Roger W says:

    Any chance of getting the ‘Grange Hill’ magazines and annuals please?


  10. Hi. Massive thanks for putting this amazing site together. Some real gems here that tug at the old nostalgia bone. Thought I’d mention also that there’s a UK comic called ‘Forces in Combat’ that you might want to add to your list. It came out in May 1980 and ran for 37 issues. Details can be found here: http://britishcomics.wikia.com/wiki/Forces_in_Combat

    Thanks for all the hard work and to all your generous contributors.


  11. adrian says:

    Fantastic site – thanks so much for doing this


  12. Rov says:

    Wondering if you’re planning to add Jackie Magazine to your page here? Please keep up the great work !


  13. L. B. James says:

    Don’t forget The Real Ghostbusters, published by Marvel UK! That was a favourite of mine 🙂


  14. Alan says:

    Great little site. Thanks for your efforts, they are much appreciated. I’ve recently found myself picking up weekly titles on eBay to complement the annuals I’ve been buying. The British comics were a hive of imagination, weren’t they? They only problem is reading the buggers when you don’t have the next issue haha. Oh, for a relaunch of so many titles I loved as a kid…


  15. Wack Waif says:


    Would you perchance have a scanned copy of “Fleetway Super Library Stupendous Series #10” – “The Chessman”. I have a fond memory of reading it when I was very young and haven’t been able to find a scanned copy of it anywhere online.

    The story arc is classic, bad guy challenges good guy(So called in Spider’s case), Good guy responds, Good guy loses then goes to jail and later flies the coop and creates his own chessman army and beats the bad guy 🙂

    I would be most grateful.

    Thanks in Advance !!

    Wacky Waif !


  16. Moreau says:

    Another for the list: The Bog Paper (Marvel UK, 1989)

    With the standard UK comics market faltering in the late 1980s, seeing many long running titles coming to an end, various UK publishers began looking for an alternative audience. The success of Viz, a humour magazine aimed at older teens / young adults, with anarchic and much ruder (or, some would say, cruder) strips and characters, prompted a slew of imitators trying to capture the same zeitgeist. Fleetway experimented with the likes of Oink, and a few years later Marvel UK made a similar attempt with Bog Paper. As the name suggests, all the strips literally involved a level of toilet humour, with parody characters such as Flush Gordon (a superhero who emerges from a lavatory) and Doctor Phoo (a Doctor Who-like character who travels through time in his TURDIS, a time-space craft disguised as a back garden toilet, accompanied by his pet robot, WC1, a toilet-based riff on K-9). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it only lasted eleven issues before being cancelled.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks, never heard of it, i will go search for it. Perhaps make this comment also on the frontpage because most people will read that page and perhaps someone has it or know where to find it.


  17. Steve says:

    Seems like All-War Monthly by Byblos Productions/Atlantic Publishing is missing in the list.


    • boutje777 says:

      Thanks, probably more titles are missing, i got the information from Wikipedia, it’s too timeconsuming for me to look for all missing titles.


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